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  1. Guys is there any recommended place to get done a headlight modification? like ring light color change etc
  2. well the main issue i'm having is most of the tyre brands don't have the correct size for my requirement. the checked dunlop ones also 2017 made ones.. now having yokohama bluearth as an option. friend of mine suggest me to try toyo, pirelli or nankang ..
  3. I assume bridgestone is better than yokohama and dunlop. Am i correct? also A*t*d*o*e only have turanza japan but 2017 or something as I remembered
  4. Hello guys. I'm looking for new set of tyres for 215/45/17 size. I tried to find bridgestone (japan) but unable to find. so far what I found was those 1 ) Yokohama BluEarth Es ES32 2) Dunlop SPT MAXX 3) Dunlop LM705 which one is better in durability, comfortability and low noice? or is there any other suitable brands? Looking for help
  5. Hey guys, is anyone there had a dashboard rattling issue and got fixed? Please let me know any good place to get it fix.
  6. Any of you guys have extra fuse taps ? ? I’m also looking for these
  7. Hello Guys, Is there any good place to get done custom bodykit work? looking to get done custom front lip.
  8. Hey guys, Does anyone know a good place to get done the paint protection film for a reasonable price? K**n P**k gave a rough estimation around 350K
  9. any reputed place where I can get done a proper waxing job ?
  10. Generally thanks guys for your honest replies. after seeing all those and going through the net I also thought it will be better to get done a proper polish and wax and then get some PPF protection over specific parts
  11. Hello guys, I thought to have a nano coating for my vehicle and I found two major installers here in sri lanka. C**mic P*o and Na** T**f. is there anyone who had any of these services ? Would like to know your thoughts
  12. Hello guys, I'm having thoughts to upgrade stock exhaust system to dual exhaust system on my swift rs. what I want to know is do I need to update the vehicle book after that?
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