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  1. It's a Galant colt 10, old car, wanted to do a DIY project. Price is low as hell, just wanted to see my possibilities. Seller has abandoned the car for so long, If this can be done anyone knows about the procedure of doing so.don't mind going through a few hassles. @kush as long as its possible and wont take me a huge chunk of bucks
  2. Hey friends, Finally decided to officially make an account and be friends with fellow petrolheads. Ive found a car that has not been licensed for the past five years, bugger is willing to hand it over to me. Is it still possible to get the vehicled registered uptodate even with fines and stuff like that or can that vehicle never be put back out again ? Came across this and I flipped my its http://www.dailymirror.lk/148514/Vehicle-registration-cancelled-if-revenue-license-not-obtained-for-five-years Appreciations in advance ?
  3. @chathun how did the paint job go ? was this a DIY project ?
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