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  1. @DavyAh Ok Then Most Probably i may need to take it to the agents! But just for your info : the ac cooling is damn gud! tho If u dont mind Mr.Davy can u give ur Watsapp number in PM so i can talk with u as u r a expert. I am studying Automotive Engineering i may get knowledge and can solve the problem in my car!
  2. Hi Mr.Davy I'll answer with the question numbers! 1)Yes he adjusted the screw in the throttle body which rises and lows the idle. How can it be reset to factory position? 2)Yes it was cleaned with Wurth Injectors and Carb Cleaner. It was sprayed totally onto it in all sides. 3)Nope it doesnt rises up (u meant the cold startup rit?) nope bro 4)91k now and tuneup was done at 85k (did the injectors cleanup and orings were replaced and throttle body cleanup and spark plugs checked and they were ok. at 76k we did it at Unit#d Mot#rs) Ill check whether the ac belt is overtightened. But wat is Compressor Binding BTW? I dont think there is a problem in the fuel system cuz i can pop off a 0 to 100kmph in 12secs which is gud for this car!
  3. @DavyHi Mr.Davy. I have a lancer cs1 gl 2007. I came across this iac valve problem and bought a reconditioned iac valve and fixed it. But I the problem is not solved still. 1) engine is set to 1100rpm to not make the engine stall when ac on. 2) Even thou its in 1100rpm still the ac cutoff cuts off the ac cuz of the low rpm created when on the ac 3) I am not sure but I feel my ac gives more stress than other cars cuz we need to press the accelerator twice more u press it before! So please can u help me out with this. @Sampath nalinda Gunasekara recommended about u. Thank You!
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