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  1. I really love the car it works well within my budget and does fuel like nothing. But I'm thinking what if the prices goes back to Rs. 3Mn level. People have wierd sense when it comes to Hybrid vehicles. I'm very much fine If the current price levels stay steady till they allow imports. However, as KUSH said no one can predict the date imports will occur and the applicable tax rates. Guess its my call then .😀 Thanks for your replies guys.
  2. I own a 2012 AQUA, which I bought for Rs 4.2Mn in 2017. Have replaced the battery with new cells and it’s under warranty for the next 1.5 years. Have replaced the ABS also. Both repairs cost me about 3 lakhs. These days I'm getting offers for the vehicle within Rs 3.9Mn-4Mn range which I believe is a good price. After selling the car hope to go for a new vehicle within the budget of Rs 6Mn-6.5Mn. However, I have following doubts in mind: 1. There will be no imports within this year, hence will the AQUA price move much higher resulting an opportunity cost for me? 2. What are the best options I have within my budget range which had a low price volatility? I don’t want to lose a lot when selling it back, and don't have much idea about the previous market price of the vehicles within my budget range. I.e. Kia Sportage, Honda civic turbo, Honda Grace Etc.) Some people say it’s better to keep the vehicle and once imports starts sell it and import a new one for the above budget. Some say just take the opportunity and sell the car. I’m stuck in making my decision. Highly appreciate your opinion on the above. Thankyou.
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