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  1. Thanks @Gummybr! Yes I’m not looking at going off road and that’s not my thing anyways. Yeah looking at most of the options that you have mentioned plus BMW X5 looks a good match too. Well I’m sure you guys know about cars more than I do. Although I must say the improvement of the driving comfort of Utes have gone through the roof!
  2. Well even a 5 seater is enough for me as we are a young family. As I won’t be doing a 9 to 5 job my plan is to travel a lot. So hiring would not be a options for me considering the cost. Sorento looks to be a very decent car for the money you pay. Anything similar would do nicely I think.
  3. If I’m only going to buy one vehicle, would have to look at the driving pleasure and comfort side of things as well. One of my other options would be to buy a Benz C class for my day to day for about 15 mil and buy another vehicle for about 15mil for my outstation travel. Lots going in my head! LOL
  4. @iRageThanks! One more point to add to my list
  5. Thanks a lot guys! @iRage and @MaleCortana Lots to think about here but definitely EVs are out of contention. Thanks to you guys now I have an idea on what to look for. Just need to do some research on those names and see what will fit my needs the most. Selecting a vehicle in Sri Lanka is not the easiest thing (as I’m finding out now) considering the price tag. You guys have made it much easier. Thanks heaps!
  6. @Gummybr Thank you so much for your detailed reply. Thanks to you I have a clear understanding now. As you have mentioned, my best bet would be to enjoy my new ride in Australia and let her go before I leave. Any recommendations for a budget of probably 30 million? I won’t mind a car but the plan is to travel a lot when I get back since I’ll not be doing a 9 to 5 in Sri Lanka. From all what I hear, the roads get bit bumpy when you go in to the rural areas. Hence the thinking behind a SUV. any feedback is much appreciated! TIA! PS. Should I probably consider a EV?
  7. Hello guys, wondering if anyone can help me to understand few things, Thinking of moving to SL next year and want to take my brand new GV80 from Australia. 1) how much tax and other costs will I have to bare if I do so 2) Would I have issues down the line since this vehicle is not used in SL. (Regarding parts and servicing) TIA!
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