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  1. Do you mean that although we pump exactly same amount of petrol from diffrerent stations actual amount of fuel we get is different? can that be difference be many litres in that case?
  2. is average economy given by car always an overestimate than your calculated value?what I usually get has always been that way
  3. do you recommend any place for compressor change in that case?
  4. Yes planning to check it on highway and see.If it does bad that will be very disappointing
  5. Yes it’s 1500cc.can 121 compressor reduce fuel economy when you put off the ac off as well?what I want to know is wheather changing ac compressor spending >100k(50k for recondition) would be a wise decision to improve fuel economy
  6. I have run about 500km now.what is the average figure you get in the information display?I can’t figure out any reason.no warning lights shown.I expeirecnce kind of poor forward pull in low speeds<40 but my friends say it is due to nature of cvt but when it comes to higher speeds it has a good pulling power. in addition TL said my ac compressor is replaced with a 121 compressor but they say it is a common thing people do here.I have tried without ac but no improvement in fuel I have no clue what to do
  7. I recently bought an Allion 260 2012 model with 96000km on the meter(most probably correct according to the records).However it has a very poor fuel economy which is about 8-9kmpl in city.I have heard and many claims that it should at least give 10kmpl in traffic.I’m very soft on accelarator and always got >10kmpl in city with my previous cars(vitz and 141).I have done a complete service from TL 1 month back including an engine tune up with all 4 spark plug change.No improvement archieved.What can be the reason? if anybody drive 260 daily in Colombo what is your economy? please h
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