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  1. Right now, it just feels like a gamble
  2. Haven’t considered it. But I’m just going to patiently continue my search although I have little to no hope. I do hope the imports are allowed soon, so I can observe what happens to the market and decide from there
  3. Thank you everyone for the advises, much appreciated 👍
  4. Yes, that is my concern Isn't everyone (unless you're really wealthy)? Also, advice considered, thanks
  5. Can you clarify simple tech, please? Like technology tech? Or different sophisticated engineering mechanics? etc. So, in short it doesn’t matter what car I get, it can still be sold if it’s reasonably priced and in good condition?
  6. I was actually considering a Mazda Demio, 2000 ish model before. It’s listed as 1.8m odd in websites and yes, most of these “demand” cars do look shiny and whatnot on the website. Do you have any suggestions for under 2m? With comfort, reliability and fuel efficiency being key factors? By reliability I mean vehicles that are less prone to ledas
  7. That makes a lot of sense. Thing is I’m looking for a vehicle with second market too. So I’m kind of in a tussle here. My hope was to wait for imports to be allowed. *sigh*
  8. Don’t have a car, yet to buy a used one for under 2mill. Does exchange rates/tax effect used cars as well?
  9. The prices of vehicles are absurd, do I wait until import is allowed and hope for the market values to drop? Or is that highly unlikely? Need advices
  10. Very helpful. Thank you for this
  11. Hi, I’m a newbie here and in the vehicle industry. So please bare with me. How do I determine if a Vehicles body is in good condition? What other things should I consider when purchasing a vehicle?
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