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  1. Must have been a great weekend! Solid job on the Honda logo I must say. And overall as well. Doing this with just one jack must have been quite a long process. In my case, as I mentioned on my previous reply, planning to take the car to my friend's workshop, put it on a hoist and do it in one go. Excited!
  2. Thank you for the inputs! Yes I agree, the job will be much better if I take the parts out as I can paint inside-out. Luckily, I think taking apart and putting back together wouldn't be an issue for me as I have a friend who owns a full-fledged workshop. I will keep the tread updated!
  3. Thanks man! much appreciated. Yes, the sanding might be a tiring job. Also I was under impression that I have to take the drums and the callipers out before spraying. Seems like it is not necessary as you have done it while attached to the car. That is a relief. I was worried about the discs to be particular. btw clean job there! I assume you did this during the lockdown 😁 I will keep the thread updated with my results.
  4. Hey guys. I am planning to paint my brake callipers and drums (front disc and rear drums scenario) in exterior colour. Planning to do this on my own using TOA spray as I could find the colour I wanted. Anyone else who has done this before or any thoughts in using TOA spray? Also if this is a possibility I would like to paint the tappet cover too! Thoughts, advices and comments are welcome! Let me know if I am about to mess it up 😆
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