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  1. You guys are amazing. Those gave me quite a good start. If any noob going through the comments is wondering what those different trim levels are, there's a good explanation here. @AVANTE I'll definitely reach out to you when I am moving ahead with the plan. I just need to arrange my finances first. Quick question, I didn't get what exactly you meant by "Non-com 2000/semi mux". Even Google didn't help on that. Do you guys know about maintenance costs? How often do you think there'd repairs that cost more than 50,000 to fix.
  2. Hi guys, I know Peugeot 406s have been discussed over and over in this forum. But I want to get a fresh opinion. I'm looking for my first car and I'm interested in Peugeot 406. It fits my budget and kind of excited about it being European. If it matters, I'm still in researching phase and hope to buy in about two months. What is your opinion about buying a Peugeot 406 D9 manual with about 150000 - 170000 on the meter for 1.8 Mil in 2021? Is this car still road worthy and does anyone have an idea of how hard it is to find spares in Colombo? Any current owners with suggestions of a better car or advises? My max budget is 2 Mil. Thanks!
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