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  1. Thanks a lot. Thinking to take the car to Unimo to inspect this case. I have no trust on my initial mechanic on this case as he is not specialized on perodua models. I cannot buy tie rods separately is obviously does not sounds good in this situation. Will see. Ill update the thread.
  2. Thanks a lot iRage, I did few small repairs here and there after the purchase which went well and i satisfied but this seems to be a bit serious. Iam thinking to take the car to Unimo to inspect this case. As i live in Kandy and allmost all of Viva specialized mechanics and garages are located at south and west so i have no other option. I will check the issue, solution, cost and feasibility like you mentioned. Will see what comes next after that.
  3. Hi guys, I noticed a small play on my steering wheel. A mechanic checked and told me the issue is on the steering rack. He also told that he can fix this but there is possibility to hardened steering and when U turn , wheel might not turn back to the usual spot after the fix. I did the wheel alignment recently and from there i was informed that i should replace the bushes on the steering rack and then this will get fix. Car drives fine and steering also feels ok. This steering play not bothers me that much when i drive but i need to know this need to fix ASAP or is it ok to drive with this for some period. I saw some owners replaced the steering rack because of rack issues on this thread. I dont want to ended up by replacing the rack because of this. Whats your advice on this?
  4. Thank you for your reply. Planning to change the fluids soon. I did change the timing belt set but i didnt change the water pump. Honestly, i did not aware of it and the mechanic who check the car also didnt mentioned that. Hope this will be ok for a period. Thanks again.
  5. Thank you for your reply. Its an auto car. Yes im planning to change the oil and coolant as you mentioned. I did change the breakpads and timing belt. Thanks again
  6. Hi guys, i recently bought 2011 elite. Previous owner did change the engine oil and filter but he didn't change the gear oil , brake oil and power steering oil.He didn't know other owners changed those at the correct time or not. Car done close to 96000Kms now. I know these need to change every 40000Kms. Is it ok to change now? Or is there any way to find the condition of those oil levels?
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