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  1. Got the part from Kia and got it fixed couple of weeks back. Thanks for the support during a very hard phase. Much appreciated for your prompt responses !
  2. Thanks Kush for the reply. yes they did and promised to get the part delivered by march but its been so long now & the issue keeps popping up frequently and since I mostly drive during heavy traffic hours its very dangerous and mostly very embarassing.Hence thought of getting the part externally.
  3. I own a Picanto 2017 ,I had a acceleration issue few months ago and the error code P2118.Since its under warranty they advised they will replace the throttle body but the parts are still being shipped which they have been; from the start of this year.Car is drivable but there are many instances where its stops accelerating all of a sudden & having being trouble to drivers behind me.Is there any relaible Kia spare parts shop where we acquire the parts & anyone reliable who can help me get it fixed.so I can continue to drive the vehicle without stress. Anyway my warranty will be void in one and a half years.Rather have a running car than drive a car with the added stress of thinking about this and beinga menance to drivers behind me.
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