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  1. Oh, I'm mature enough to understand. The thing is, I'm not like most of the people. You might say I'm crazy if you meet me IRL. Anyway, bye bye! 👋🏼
  2. All right guys... Looks like I'm gonna go somewhere away from this country. Because it seems like it's impossible to modify "my own car" even after paying like "200% taxes". What country is this anyway? Old and stupid people make laws and we all pay for it. Been counting my fingers for three+ years to smell an I6 or a V6. Not everyone can buy a widebody Lamborghini or a McLaren but anyone can get a widebody from LBWK or Rocket Bunny for their cars. That's not possible too? This country is going backwards while others are going forward. Even talked to a few friends in Tokyo to get myself a 2JZ-GTE. Painful... All we've got is a history of 2500 years and that's it. Wanted to build myself a real JDM car. (Because Muscle costs an arm and a leg in here) Other countries: Anything is possible. Sri Lanka: Nothing is possible. Disappointed and wanna leave ASAP. Because no one knows how hard I had to work my ass off to finally get myself a flashy 86 and modify it. I feel like I'm lost, I just don't know what to do anymore. I just can't even think. 😢 Anyway, I've got a one last question, if those aren't possible, what's possible?
  3. I was just kidding above. I'm safe,even without the seatbelt. Thanks!
  4. Sorry, not dual clutch. I want something like Andrews. (Not the one in NASCAR) I'm all manual. And I don't care if it's public or a race track. F&F is a nice series. I'm an amateur. I agree, yeah. But I've been working hard making money to accomplish my goal since 2017. And no, I ain't giving up on building a GT 86. One thing, your instincts are broken. Fix it. 😏
  5. I live in Kandy. Small village, no big deal. But the roads here are just made for drifting. Here everyone else see bends but I see a drift track. I will somehow build my 2JZ-GTE 86. 😊
  6. Hi folks! I'm new to Auto Lanka forum. I'm thinking of building a Toyota GT 86 specifically for drifting. I'll leave a list of parts I've chosen for my build. Are any of these parts/mods illegal in Sri Lanka? 🙄 I'm not gonna modify the stock Subaru boxer engine. Instead I'll swap the stock engine with a 2JZ-GTE. 1. OZ wheels 2. Bilstein Suspension kit 3. Rocket Bunny wide bodykit 4. Rocket Bunny spoilers 5. Garret or Rocket Bunny Twin Turbos 6. Neon lights (underglow, trunk) 7. Borla exhaust system 8. Dual clutch transmission 9. Continental tires 10. Haltech ECU 11. 500W Alpine audio system Is it possible to do this in Sri Lanka?
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