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    Astra G
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    Eco Tec - Auto Gears.
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    Leather Seats, Totally Black Interior, Original Skirtings One of a Kind! Anyway only car in LK with these specs as I know!
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    Keep the Astra for a LOOOONG Time
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    This is my 2nd Opel. European Cars Always!
  1. Must be the most head turning 11 sri car ever!! wonder whether these guys inform RMV that its no longer the car described in the CR :S
  2. Good Read on this topic! http://www.autoqna.com/Maintenance-Repairs...-autoqna-3.html
  3. I have heard or read somewhere it is best practice to switch your AC off when nearing the end of your jorney (ie. about a minuite before hand). Well if you have the habit of doing that then your AC will anyway be off when you are going to start it . Anyway good thing to know about this cause I was also under the impression that AC on is very bad when starting. Things may have changed as at now.
  4. In my experience using 95 petrol gives better results and just only Rs.3.00 more you spend and its good for your engine. I have used soltron but I was warned against ALL additives by a knowledgeable family friend that these things some times sort of stir up the things in the petrol tank and may not be good on the long run. Nano I have heard is workable as well. Plan to get one myself. What is does is to make your petrol work like super petrol.
  5. Devinda I am somehow not allowed to send messages to you. Instead I sent a mail to your hotmail quite some time back. Did you see it?
  6. If this is happening when you have your AC on - it could be that the engine is not reving up to match the new demand.
  7. So is there a best buy - Brand wise - the Cost vs Value ranking?
  8. Eh if the battery terminal was not fixed how could you start the car :S. You mean they fixed it loose or soemthing?
  9. That Mag is now 300 bucks and i remember it was 150 not too long ago. 300 seems to much to me! Anyway I get my price ideas from the Auto Lanka Site itself (the buy classified section - at least its usually the higher end of the prices
  10. Devinda - well in my case I have to replace both my tyres and rims I dont even mind going for 16" if it fits :S Anyway are these new or used ones? How much are you expecting? By the way i read somwhere that in Europe production of chrome wheels have been banned as it is not an environment friendly process.
  11. hmm I guess that is possible best is to go with the guy to the bank and get the bank draft there itself.
  12. If your car is in superb shape compared to others of this age - always quote more than the true market value. When people in that budget look for vehicles more or less they have seen many vehicles and usually dissapointed by the conditions and people willing to pay bit more than the market value for that condition. Also when accepting payment you could go to the bank with the buyer and get the money and then deposit to your account or get a Bank Draft from the bank. Bank Drafts are the safest. Its more of a cheque from teh Bank so it will not bounce (unless the bank is bankrupt . Your money
  13. however, quite in good shape for its age
  14. When they named the company "Micro" they would have never imagined they would be assembling SUVs . anyway the badge Micro on a SUV looks ridiculouse. I think they should change name to represent everything from the small car to the big SUV to the trains to the boats to the busses - something that sounds important and mysterious
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