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  1. Sorry how to embedded the bellow video <iframe src="http://youplay.pk/embed/EySv9x6n12g" frameborder="0" style="border:none; overflow:hidden;" width="640" height="360" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>
  2. <iframe width="480" height="337" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/EySv9x6n12g?rel=0
  3. Finally I found a site where we can get Jap English translation regarding GP5 (Not the full User manual) & many from this site https://yasithmayaba....wordpress.com/ (Admin i don't have any connection with this website Just though to post the link as i though it's useful to GP5 users )
  4. BTW I found out we can get to Jap English translation regarding GP5 & many from this site https://yasithmayabandara.wordpress.com/ (Admin i don't have any connection with this website Just though to post the link as i though it's useful to GP5 users )
  5. Yep my one also 2014 Nov one Actually you don't had to drive slow to get the max KMPL if you can keep run on constant speed even in 60 - 70 KMH (no ti colombo traffic) but at night time & in outstation I got ar 30 KMPL
  6. Yesterday Morning Nugegoda i saw White one goos to Maharagama Side But's hav't had chance to look at the number
  7. Saw this going around in Elakiri site Seems like some one got it from FB but not sure this is true or not
  8. Can we drive using water soon.. Check this SriLankan talant http://www.rivira.lk/2008/07/06/vishesha7.htm
  9. Well from Few weeks I also having Same kind of problem in my Fb14.. When I went to the battery Shop They say mY battery is Ok (Not Excellent) The Problem is with my Alternator (I have replaced my Alternator 2 months ago as I had problem with the one been there.. Actually they said I had B13 one) But now when I check my Alternator the Electrical guy said there is no problem... But today also Car suddenly Stopped & when I try to start it act like my Battery Gone Down.. My Bat is 40 AMP one.. Any one can guess what’s the problem.. & What the Best AMP for B14..
  10. Hi what is the best way to Clean Fuel Injectors..? Is it safe to use Fuel Injector Cleaners & put them in to fuel tank.? if is ok what is the best one.. as i have seen there are different brands
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