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  1. The Don's post in Spills In A Fit Hybrid Trunk was marked as the answer   
    Because it is salt, you need to take off the interior and do a through clean to avoid future rust in those areas.
    May I suggest you consult the agent on this matter as it probably needs to be physically inspected. Also there might be protocol to follow before trying to steam clean the interior of a hybrid vehicle particularly close to the main battery.
  2. The Don's post in Engine Produce Sound After Engine Oil Change To Different Grade was marked as the answer   
    Sounds like a beat silencer?
    Can't it be a simple case of a leak from the exhaust system (exhaust manifold, pipes, links, catalytic convertor and back box)?
  3. The Don's post in Break Disc was marked as the answer   
    Some newer vehicles have discs which are thinner than before and sometimes made of composite material. This is to reduce weight. For this reason manufacturers reccomend change of brake discs at pre set intervals or when the disc reaches a particular thickness. As a main agent they have the criteria for meassuring this.
    Last time my car got new pads, they told me they will check if the discs need replacing, and they did the messurements and told me it could last a bit longer (this was a main agent).
    So if the agent tells you new discs and pads are needed they kind of do, if you want to keep the car within manufacturer specs maintained at the agent. What I do know is parts will be cheaper outside the main agent, but then you lose your service history.
  4. The Don's post in Engine Cold Start [Lancer] [Efi] was marked as the answer   
    You should first check the usual suspects. Mitsubishi's are notorious for rough idle issues though they are not too difficult to eliminate. The culprits on order of probability are:
    1. The Idle control valve notorious for failure.
    2. The throttle position sensor, probably just requires cleaning
    3. The throttle body. When cleaning do not let anything fall into the icv socket or spray carb cleaner or something inside
    4. Throttle body hot water line
    5. vaccume leaks, from either a line or the throttle body itself
    6 The ECU
    You should not worry too much if it does not happen again. Sometimes the idle hunting you see, is the engine stalling and the anti stall kicking in to raise the rpm, and then trying to stall again.
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