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  1. It has passed the warranty period for brake related units.
  2. @Davy No micro didn't provide me the error codes, i forgot to ask them even for future references. But what they told me is that the device was malfunctioning time to time it cannot be predicted at what time it will malfunction. As your saying if it cannot be happen due to the smoke test RPM probe, then i think it might be factory defect in the device :(.
  3. Few months back my ABS unit starts to malfunction. The ABS light comes on time to time when driving. When i took it to micro they said the the ABS unit it malfunctioning time to time and it not a issue in the sensors. By the way they first tried by cleaning the sensors :). They also amazed about this because the car was just finishing 2.5 years and only ridden 9000km. I remembers the last time before this ABS problem starts to show up, at the smoke test they put thier engine sensor with the magnet kind of thing on something similar to this ABS unit. if that was the ABS unit can that magnet thingy can cause the ABS unit to malfunction ?
  4. By the way i did the medical test today. They do check for Random Blood Sugar (RBS) and if it is normal then it wont be a problem.
  5. Hi Guys, I see that some says they check for Blood Sugar ? Do we need to go fasting ? What is the level they are expecting ? I'm asking because i'm diabetic patient. GAP
  6. If you are willing to do a DIY job then i recommend looking at this video. As other said i think it good to refrain from doing a traditional paint job since that will any way look bit different and in the process of removing the panel they will damage at least one hook or bracket . Or do a youtube search with this search text "paintless dent repair body line" you will get lot of videos showing workout a bodyline dent as yours.
  7. Here is the guide i promised http://gapgeelydiy.blogspot.com/2016/05/replacing-wiper-blades-on-geely-lc-cross.html
  8. Just got it removed guys i will share a How to guide link soon and mark with as resolved.
  9. This is the underside of it, i tried lifting the top but it just comes out halfway and stop.
  10. I tried to lift it but it doesn't seems to lift
  11. Guys i need help on removing the wiper blades from a panda cross. I search the internet but every video i found which has this kind of wiper arm has a small clip to unlock the blade from the U hook. But this is bit different and i'm not sure how to unlock it. if anyone has experience please share how to unlock and remove it, that will be a really good help. I have attached two picture how the arm and blade look like since the arm cannot be lift 90 degrees.
  12. From where did you buy them ? I'm also in search of touch up paint pens to deal with minor scratches which has reached the base coat, and i would also like to know where i can buy clear coat spray cans ? Clear coat pen would be fine as well.
  13. Thanks Davy, Great explanation and This was what i was looking for, Sure i will try to start a new restoration thread and post everything there. GAP
  14. Hi i own a 1978 Lancer Station Wagon which i'm in the process of restoring parts since it has lot of worn out parts. One of the two things that i;m looking right now is the radiator and the handbrake mechanism inside the rear drums. The radiator is having a small leaks which started few days back and i had this problem twice within a year. Now i just want to go for a permanent solution without soldering the same radiator again and again. So i was hoping whether i can find a after market radiator (not a recondition one). When i called the radiator house they told me to visit there branches so they can see what can be done. So i just want to know whether i can get a after market radiator from recognized place like radiator house or any other known place. Otherwise i will be soldering this twice per year on my whole life since i'm not in a mood get rid of this car . The second part i'm looking for is the hand brake assembly which is in the read drum. The teeth in the mechanisms are worn out so bad the handbrake doesn't get applied properly. Is it possible to buy a new shoe with this assembly as a whole unit ? For this also i prefer to go for a new one because junk yard stuff are also half way worn out. GAP
  15. You are probably right , just called Radiator House and they even don't have the universal (flexible) once available. But they claim that the moulded ones are avaiable for this 1978 Wagon model in panchi as you said, and even they might also have so i'l just check on them. I wonder how engine moders (racing mods) find the universal stuff or may be they import directly i guess. To bad our spare part shop owners are not up to date with the parts available in the world
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