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  1. This one is for @Magnum. 600hp, Lamborghini inspired Hiace. Source: TopGear
  2. Nice! You'd be lucky to find one for less than 30K these days. Thanks! Actually, Datsun Parts Shop is one of the main ones. Has loads of parts for the B110. Another one is Mad Dat. https://www.maddat.com.au/search?q=B110&type=product (Link with search results for B110 parts) For weather strips and rubber beadings and stuff, you can try Rare Spares https://www.rarespares.net.au/
  3. Great stuff! An Arduino fan myself with several boards around the house powering my home automation system. The first time I'm hearing about Speeduino. Pretty cool! As @MrCat said, there's a great Datsun community here. Not just in Perth, but in most other states as well. Prices of highly sought after models have definitely sky-rocketed in the past couple of years. It's crazy! There's a few local websites as well that shop internationally. Happy to provide details.
  4. Did the "garage guy" drop the brake drum on the floor while the car was on the hoist? Certainly looks like that kind of damage. 😉 In any case, get it replaced soon as that can cause brake pedal vibration if the crack develops further. Also, there a hole there, so water can get in easily and corrode the springs and brake mechanism inside.
  5. ATF M-V automatic transmission fluid DOT3 brake fluid
  6. @De_ja_vu Pretty sure your car isn't burning oil. If it was burning 85% of oil within 5000km, there would be obvious signs. My guess is that they either under-filled oil, or the method you're using to check the oil level is not quite right. As soon as oil is poured into the engine, it may usually show an incorrect reading, so the common practice is to know the oil requirement of the car and fill slightly less than that amount. Wait for a couple of minutes for the oil to settle and then check the dipstick to ensure the level is OK. It's also a good idea to check the oil level the following morning to ensure its alright. When you're checking your oil level, make sure that your car is parked on flat ground and wait for the engine to cool down and for the oil to settle. Checking oil immediately after a trip is guaranteed to show a lower than normal level. Check your owner's manual for more info.
  7. I believe the conventional automatic transmission that comes with the CK and CS is the same unit. They are pretty simple and reliable transmissions from my experience. Do your regular maintenance on time and they should last as long as the car does.
  8. Finally. Something worthwhile to read. Good stuff mate.
  9. Never seen one of these before. Does that pop out of the glove box? If you have an accident VIPeeing while driving, is that table is gonna be the one that hits the passenger's face? 😉
  10. Same thoughts here. Verstappen is the better driver IMO. I'm rooting for Sergio Perez this year after his amazing 14 overtakes from last to first during his last race with Racing Point. I've watched that video so many times. Here it is: His first race with RedBull was also absolutely amazing given that he had car trouble, started last and finished 5th with 19 overtakes or something insane like that.
  11. More information here: http://www.motortraffic.wp.gov.lk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=146&Itemid=77&lang=si
  12. Good job @PerfMad! 👍 One thing I'd recommend is using a heat resistant (or high heat) paint. Especially on the valve cover. Regular spray paint tends to burn/fade/flake under the extreme heat of the engine. This is relevant to brakes as well because the front brakes do get extremely hot. I remember there was a brand named Leyland that had high heat paint in rattle cans. I got mine from Roxy paint centre in Wellawatte in front of the... you guessed it - Roxy cinema. 🙂
  13. Yep, they'll fit without any issues. For that rim, you should probably go for a 225x40R18 tyres. What size tyres are you running on the Lancer GT rimes at the moment? The Evo X BBS rims look exactly like the ones in your photo. They are 18x8.5 +38 offset, and a more aggressive fit. This is what I have. You'd have to use 235 wide tyres. If you go higher than 235, the rears will rub on the wheel arch on load. Especially since your car is already lowered.
  14. I like where this is headed! Interesting build after a while. Keep us posted!
  15. The Online Registered Vehicle Information Service offered by RMV lets you pay 150 LKR to obtain full details of a vehicle including current owner's details. However, I don't think this works for vintage numbers like EY series. You might be able to directly contact RMV and ask them if you can get any information on the car? Maybe ask if they have a over-the-counter service where you can pay and obtain information? Good luck!
  16. Congratulations on the purchase. Can relate to all of the symptoms described at various points of my history of car ownership - except maybe the lack of a handbrake lever. Good luck in restoring her to her former glory.
  17. What @speed8 said! You can check if the cooling fan is faulty by switching on the AC. The fan should switch on and off automatically with your AC compressor. If the fan doesn't turn on, it might be a faulty fan, dodgy wiring or a loose connection. As for coolant flowing back to the expansion tank when you lift your foot off the accelerator, it could be that you are using a wrong radiator cap where the cap is below the recommended pressure rating. It could also be because your thermostat valve is removed causing coolant to flow more freely and cause excessive pressure in the top coolant hose (return line) to the radiator.
  18. Great pick! Congrats! PS: The slogan on the rear number plate holder though 😁
  19. Try Mazna motors in Aththidiya.
  20. Both fans should operate together. So it could be a faulty fan motor or fan control module. As a first step, observe the behaviour of the fans in the following situation: - Make sure the engine is relatively cool (hasn't reached operating temperature). Start the car (AC off). Keep running for 1 minute. Fans should be off. - Turn on the AC. Both fans should turn on and run at high speed. The fans should also turn on and off with the operation of the AC compressor while the engine hasn't reached operating temperature. - Turn off the AC. Fans should turn off. Keep the car idle until it reaches operating temperature (temp gauge has reached the middle mark). At that point, both fans should start ramping up. First on low speed and if you leave it for longer, it will eventually switch to high speed (you don't have to check high speed, if the fans kick in at low speed, you're good). If any of the above scenarios are not as described, there is an issue. If one fan works exactly as described, but the other one doesn't, it is likely to be a faulty fan motor. If you are handy with a spanner, you can do a further test to try and figure out if it's definitely a faulty fan. The fan control module sits on top of the passenger side fan (it's a black box with a heatsink facing the front of the car), and both fans are plugged onto it. It controls the fans depending on a signal from the ECU. The ECU grounds the signal pin to 0v depending on The AC switch status, ECT Sensor (Engine Coolant Temperature) value and VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) value. Your first option is to remove the connector of the faulty fan from the control module. Then use some electrical wire and connect the fan directly to the battery (the thicker wire needs to be connected to positive). The fan should run on full speed. If not, the fan is faulty. Remove the wires from the battery and spin the fan by hand, and before it stops spinning, connect the wires again. If the fan runs normally, the fan is faulty (worn out brushes). The second (and probably easier) option is to try swapping the fan connectors (at the control module) to see if the other fan behaves the same way when swapped. If it does, then the issue is with the fan control module. You'll have to install a new module. The control module can be tested as well if you know how to use a multimeter. But to keep things simple, try these first. Good luck!
  21. @Rushneli Samanthika, Welcome to the forum. It would be helpful to members if you can add in some detail to about what you are after exactly.
  22. How satisfying to watch an already beautiful icon get a makeover.
  23. Congratulations mate! Never thought I'd say this about a Yaris, but that actually looks amazing! Nice choice of colour too. Wishing you many happy journeys with it!
  24. 200k km is nothing for a petrol engine. Just make sure the mileage is genuine (it it weren't, I doubt it would be listed as 200k km, so it likely is genuine). Check emissions test certificates to be sure. If the car has a verified maintenance history and is in good condition, then there's nothing to worry about. Just do your usual checks before buying. Good luck!
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