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  1. Hi friends, Any know about the tax amount for CHR none hybrid..
  2. Hi friends, Recently I brought Toyota Harrier Hybride vehicle with 2500 cc petrol engine(AVU65). At the the registration they charged me 130000LKR as luxury tax. But one of my friend got 3000 cc diesel hybride (Benz) & he told me they didnt charged any luxury tax on it because of Hybride vehicle. 1. Is hybride vehicles are free of this luxury taxes? 2. My registration book dosent show any hybride/electric details. it says petrol. is it correct? Please be kind to explain me.... Thanks
  3. Hi friends, Could you please any one can help me to get an idea about tax for importing Toyota Harrier hybride 2014 (Elegence) model.
  4. Hi Friends, I am using GPS device(7" chinese) with Navitel maps from 02 years. Is it possible to update maps by my self? Because its not a androide device.
  5. sudarsan

    Nissan Leaf

    Hello friends, Please shere your knowledge about Nissan Leaf in Sri lanka.
  6. Please help me to find the location of lighter fuse for Toyota Corolla Axio. I tried with the fuse copartment next to the battery but I coulnt find any problem over their. Some thing happned to the lighter power shocket recently & now it dosent work. If any one can helpm regarding this problem please let me know. Thanks
  7. Hi Firends, I'm going 2 buy FB 15 car & I found one New shell 2003 basic model with 1.3 engine. Without power shutters/mirrors. But this car already done 199999 km. All other things r in good condition. Could u please advice me about the genaral value for this. Thanks
  8. sudarsan

    Import Taxes

    Hi, If any one know how much cost for the taxes import a 2005 TOYOTA ALLION. Any one working in Japan for more than 10 years & they can send they have any way to send a car without taxes? Thanx
  9. sudarsan

    Toyota 121 Diesel

    I got used TOYOTA 121 (diesel) automatic recently & the milage is around 175000km. I would like to know about the changing of timing belt in this model. Is this type engines got a t belt or not?
  10. I am working in Italy nearly 06 years & I would like to know, for the people like me who earned foriegn curruncy for SRI LANKA is there any way to import a vehicle with tax reduction?
  11. No, It dosent show any thing about 4WD. Do u know any way to check about the models with internet?
  12. Do You mean somthing on front wheel hubs?
  13. I got Toyota Hiace LH178V 4Wd van, but I don't know is it full time 4WD or I have to select manually when I need 4WD. The van is with mannual transmision and there is no other liver or buttton to select 4WD. If any one can help me regarding this or any one can find me a user mannual for this please let me know. Y.O.M is 1999.
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