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  1. I checked it and it is showing the reading. thanks for your help.
  2. it wasn't reset and now my odo is 950 km and Trip A 290 ( since last full tank ), also never disconnect the battery
  3. Hi My vitz not showing km/L reading and Can anyone guide me about this ? Picture here
  4. akboselk

    Rat net

    I am looking a place ( better if it is around Kandy ) to install rat net ( Cover the AC intake, Air outlet with metal mesh to prevent rat coming in top car cabin ). Please let me know a place for reasonable price to do this. Note : checked with Sterling and they ask around Rs. 13000/- Thanks
  5. akboselk

    car setup

    my Vitz ( 2019 , safety edition 3 navi ready) already has original reverse camera. now i need to fix a setup but it should support for auto adjusting guidelines. Is there suitable setup for support "Reverse camera auto adjusting guidelines" ?
  6. akboselk

    Car registration

    Thanks for you and "kush" for replying. I already have the insurgence and will able to complete the emission test after i receive registration details tomorrow. However i have to drive the vehicle to my home in central province (without revenue license ) to get revenue license. (online service not allow for central province ) In this situation will there any legal issue ?
  7. akboselk

    Car registration

    I purchased a new car from japan auction and imported to Sri Lanka last week and driven it from hambantota to colombo (my relative's home ) with chassis number. Now I need to take it to my home (in Central province ) after I receive my number plate. 1) should I need to do the Emission test for recondition car from first year ? 2) can I drive it without revenue license from colombo to my home in central province ? (because i think i have to take the revenue license from a AG office in central province ) thanks
  8. please let me know a good place to do 3D carpet for my car (vitz ).
  9. I am planing to buy a Vitz 2018 or 2019 , However need to know about the main differences between Safety Edition 2 ( 2018 vitz ) vs Safety edition 3 (2019 Vitz ). Also what are other improvement of Vitz 2019 over 2018 model ? Hope AL members will help regarding this questions. Thanks all
  10. Hi, I'm planning to but Toyota tank ( or Vitz ) and like to know experience AL member's idea about these two vehicles.
  11. Hi, Vehicle : swift beetle few days ago I found my rear shock absorber rubber cover has been broken. ( here i attached a picture below ). Please Note : this is a six years old vehicle. 1) So should I replace entire shock absober or is this rubber cover available as spare part ? What is the exact name of it ? 2) If yes to above, Should I do it immediately ? Thanks all
  12. dear friends, currently searching a brand new sedan (prefer toyota hybrid model ) around 6 million and like to know few models with this price tag. thanks all
  13. Thank you "... However its advisable to delete the AOV .." >> Can you please mention the correct procedure ?
  14. I almost finished my leasing payment with the bank. According to the bank, they will be handover my book and Deletion letter. Is this deletion letter is valid or should it produce it to RMV and change the absolute owner name ? Thanks
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