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  1. This is exactly what I have heard, though it lacks some power its a solid & reliable engine.. thanks buddy
  2. Wow, this is some awesome stuff for me as well, as I am trying to buy my 1st Peugeot, being a previous Toyota and Honda user. I am also with kind of the same budget. 2 Mn @AVANTE from the info what I have gathered by speaking to few people L6A is a 8 valve engine with 89 HP, Where as LFY - 110 HP, EW7 - 114 HP & EW10 - 139 HP. in that case L6A seems little underpowered for a car like 406??? This is what I have heard and by any means I am not an expert and you are more than welcome to correct me if I am wrong.
  3. I couldt check it yet as the car is in the garage for a paint job these days.. Yeah u a correct.. recon one is coming with the coil sping. thx buddy
  4. More ideas, personal experiences and reviews on KYB and Tokico shocks are most welcome.
  5. OK will do so after going home. I am not much of a mech guy..hopefully it will be visible without having to remove the shock from the car..!! I guess they are excluding the coil springs..anyways will be going to pay a visit there in the afternoon. thank you @Magnum.
  6. @iRageHmm I was searching for that information brother..some say its KYB and some says Tokico..but couldnt find exactly what Honda uses.. I am going to make up my mind to go with KYB..but my only worry is whether it will affect the comfy level considerably compared to original. More ideas are welcome..!!
  7. Hello experts, Need to replace my Honda ES8 2004 rear shocks Prices I got are as follows: Honda genuine : Brand new - 15,900 Recon - 10,000 KYB - 8,700 Tokico - 9,900 What would you recommend ? What will give the best value for money ? I have heard KYB is bit stiffer. Honda genuine cost almost double the price of KYB. If it is worthy to use genuine I would not mind going for it. But dont want to use the genuine just for the sake of it paying double the price. Hence seeking all u experta advice. All member advices are welcome.. Thanks in advance
  8. Yeah I prefer to drive a manual but it doesent have to be a facelift. Even in that case there are not so many pre face lift manuals around as you say machan. If you search i****.lk or AL you will realize. What are there is also abused or YOM around 2000/2001 cars. I dont feels like letting this car go, just because its condition & low milage. ES8s are older than 12 years now. I dont think I would be able to find a better conditioned one. Having said that if its not worth that price, it is not. Seriousy?? I know cvt does much better fuel mileage than an automatic one. But will dat also do better than a manual also? interesting
  9. Yeah majority says 2.6 is the price n provided its pristine condition may pay a small premium. 2.8 is little out of my range machan. I would any way prefer to drive a manual and also the extra fuel mileage will be a bonus. Yeah..funny part is he was quoting 31.25 Mn initially. Problem is with his hyper higher expectations it takes tile for him to come down to earth. I have already being waiting for almost three weeks bro. Yeah he must have to come down at some point know, unless some crazy a** comes n buy at that price. Will wait n see..
  10. @Didula Thanks for the reply. 2.6 Mn is exactly the price I heard from couple of my honda owned friends. Sad part is nobody is selling at that price. Some told it may worth upto 2.8 Mn. Seller is holding on to 2.8 Mn. I am caught up in two mind as to go with that price or to wait, cz the car is in really good shape. more insights are welcome
  11. Thats awesome fuel mileages for a Honda. Thanks for these valuable information given.. i am anyway a brisk driver I would like to go for a CVT rather an auto due to its great fuel mileage Still on the hunt for a good ride without much luck..!!
  12. Hi all, Jest want to have an idea about the market price of Facelift ES8. I am looking to buy my first Honda. Have asked about the current Honda own friends to have an idea. But what they say is and actually what sellers are quoting is differ by a big margin. So glad if you experts can help me out Details are as follows Model: Honda Civic ES8 (Face Lift) Exi YOM: 2004 Transmission: Manual Mileage: 100K (genuine) Registration: 2005 (JR-****) How much will this worth max provided it is in very good shape? Also what would be the mileage that i can expect from this Manual? Thank you in advance.
  13. @rukmaldk Thank for responding. Yeah that is my concern as I am looking for the CVT model due to its good fuel mileage. Most of these 2000-2004 models must have passed the 150K mark by now, hence I do not trust the ODO. How can I check the condition of the CVT gearbox? Can I get it done at the agent? or any other third party place to check? Any idea about the market value difference of ES8 Vs ES1? Also what are the mileages you are getting?
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