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  1. Did not know these things. Thank you Jadey!
  2. Don, let me just say 'thank you' for taking you time to explain. I will give a search on "valve technologies and the impact of power to weight ratio on fuel economy". I'm not gonna say anything else because if I do, someone's gonna explode.
  3. Let me correct if I said it wrong earlier; what I meant was it is comparatively not as much fun as driving a demio. (Just my opinion) Don't you think I don't like my car! I love my car! <3
  4. Lol jdnet you just made my day! Thanks for your English lesson! Quite enjoyed it! English is not my first language and I'm happy to learn through mistakes. In your case I was stating the irony of calling someone imbecile (not to mention twice) and spelling it wrong. I wasn't being a grammer natzi like you. You are just too imbecile to understand that. I noticed still you missed some mistakes I've done. Find them and post if it makes you happy. lol I also found few mistakes you've done in your reply; but I'm not retard like you to correct others grammer mistakes in an auto forum. "Tham
  5. I know he went through all the trouble explaining it, and I thanked him for that! What else can I possibly do? Pay him a visit and give him a present? lol You may have more knowledge about vehicles than me.... but you should know calling others imbecile won't make you the smart one. (Btw it is not imbicile, it's imbecile. see....the irony! )
  6. Lol Calm down dude! I don't understand why people on this forum are so rude and aggressive. (Btw, you have been very helpful to me earlier and thank you for that) Not everyone are experts like you... (I know I'm not) I did not disagree with his technical facts. I was just stating what I know and what i think. Don't get so much offended by it. If there is something wrong with what I've said (which I don't think there is) just kindly correct it, otherwise leave it. Don't get so much offended and call others retarded mokey. It just shows your true colours.
  7. Thank you for your explernation. But, If we keep aside the technical stuff for a sec and have a look at the practial facts, do you think 1.3 does better on fuel in city limits than 1.0? As I've heard both does the same of 10-12kmpl. Correct me if I'm wrong. My 1000cc vitz did 16kmpl on my way to katharagama. (Not yet tested on city limits) I think it's pretty reasonable and can't imagine 1.3 will do any better.
  8. I had the same problem few weeks back. I went for vitz as I found a cheap deal.(32.25mil for a almost brandnew unreg 2010 ksp90 ) Just to help you, here are the facts I considered when I bought my car. These may not apply for the cars you are looking at. Vitz is more economical than demio. Vitz has more leg space than demio. Vitz has HID xenon lights and Demio doesn't (The one I looked at) Vitz has 8 air bags and demio has only two. (The one I looked at) Vitz has push start, keyless entry and Demio doesn't. (The one I looked at) Vitz has beige interior (The one I looked at) and demio h
  9. Just to give you guys an update on how it went..... Eventhough many of you suggested the "Marpa Foam Cleaner", it did not work for me. Tried applying it many times, but the stain was still clearly visible. I can say it cleared a little bit but I think even water could have done a better job. But the "Armorall multipurpose auto cleaner" (Third bottle from the right; in the above picture) did the job for me. FYI : I applied a little bit of the liquid and let it soak for 30 seconds and brushed it gently, then used tissues to clean it. Had to repeat the process many times until the stain wa
  10. Hey guys, thanks for the tips! I went to the Arpico yesterday bought these products! (except for the three bottles on the left which I already had with me.) I'm thinking about using the "Foam cleaner" to clean the stain! It is the product jdnet suggested, isn't it? Anyone has any previous experience with any of these products?
  11. Thanks Jdnet! Will give it a try! I really appreciate you taking your time to reply! Your thread on "car detailing" is actually what encouraged me to try doing it myself! Keep up the good work!
  12. Thank you Jdnet! I will try it! Sorry for questioning, but are you sure it will not ruin my seat? Have you used it before?
  13. Thanks ShintaroX and Malaka2 for your reply! Yeah, I already gave a ring to Kleen Park..... They are closed on upcoming holidays and already booked for few days after! On top of that, they are a little bit pricy too! (The lady over the phone told me, they don't clean only the seats,so if I'm gonna get it cleaned by them, I will have to do a full interior cleaning which costs more than 5000 bucks!). That's why I considered doing it myself. Anyway thanks for warning me before I use some sort of bad liquid and ruin my seat.
  14. Hi, I recently bought a 2010 Toyota Vitz car. (was lucky enough to buy it few days before the tax hike!) But there is a big stain in the back seat (Seats are fabric). I've searched through the internet and found many people suggesting different kind ways to clean these kind of stains; but I'm not sure if I can find those liquids they used; over here . I just wish that it is some coffee,coke or something and not pee,vomit or remains of some weird Japanese porno! (If you have seen Japanese porn; you will understand what I mean lol ) So, to the question, please suggest me any cleaning
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