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  1. hii guys... does anyone knows a place to buy a windscreen repair kit.. (DIY)? i have seen some on the ebay. but dont know whethe they are available in SL.
  2. hi guys i have some question regarding engine tune-up on viva elite auto. my car is 20000KM done ane when i call for un#mo they told me, it recomended to do a engine tune up at 20000KM. they also told me that would cost me around 14000 :O 1.does engine tune-up is neccessry? 2.if i didnt do it on time, what would be the impact? 3.will it be impact for engine parts and that may lead more costly repairs? (Actually im bit broke on these days and i would like to do the engine tune-up after another 3 or 4 months.. ) please put your valuble comments....
  3. need a advice from you guys...plss i need to buy headlamp for my elite, and un*m* parts are really costly. is there any other shops who import original spareparts for a reasonable price? if so pls do let me know. and is there any place to buy reconditioned parts for elite?
  4. well i did 60kms again.. with blinking indicators and i could only pump 33 liters for full tank... @ranga.. thanks mate. btw you can do around 60km (my average consumption is 12km/l with 95 octane.) @sampath.. yes me too. @watchman, i agree with ur 1st one thanks for reminding me that point (as sl is becoming very popular for high quality fuels.. :P) but im not agree with ur 2nd point.. its true that petrol evaporate. if i pump full tank for an empty tank that mean 36 liters of petrol vapor im taking out. if i did that for half filled tank, that mean 18 liters of petrol vapor taking out. if i happen to consume 36 liter per month.. that mean in both scenarios i have to put away 36 liters of petrol vapor.. am i correct?? pls correct me if im wrong..
  5. how many kilometer have u guys travelled with blinking fuel indicator? (low fuel indicator) btw i have travelled 35km's (fuel consuption is 12km/l) any other figures please comment..
  6. .. loll then better to forget abt CC ... ill hire a driver... :P yes machan, i thought it would be really easy in E01 n thats da only place i need it.. and i dnt like cruise much on high speeds like others doing in expressway. and it does save me some fuel too.. but its a great relief for mind, than traveling on galle rd.
  7. have anyone tried (or having an idea of) fixing aftermarket cruise control kit for your vehicle? do you guys know any garages who do those thing? i have check in the net n there are plenty of DIY cruise control kits.. pls share your ideas....
  8. Since viva elite become much popular in sl market and number of cars increasing day by day, I just thought of starting a new topic on viva. All are warmly welcome to post anything you like regarding on elite, including issues, suggestions and issues … etc. If you have done any modifications, please share them with us too. regards, cham
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