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  1. How about a 2017 or 2015 Toyota Vitz it's in your price range
  2. Hi guys I have a 2008 L200 single cab with a 4D56 engine I used Liqui Moly Super Diesel Additiv had to pump full tank and add the whole can it's mentioned in the can to add the solution to 75ltr of fuel. Results are really good engine felt very smooth n acceleration was better
  3. If can do a radiators service too
  4. I had the same issue with a CR41 checked very thing but couldn't figure out the reason finally I changed the radiator cap it solved the prob it was the thermostat valve in the cap malfunctioning
  5. Sampath sticker is the best place I get my work done there and the do lots of work on new cars brought down from Japan
  6. I've recently looked into all three vehicles too but from what I've found in the internet Mazda CX5 is the best in the category but don't no how its gonna be here in SL considering the spares availability and Mazda is not a very popular in SL you can also check out these vehicles too Subaru XV New Toyota Rav 4 I think there is a new Hyundai Tuscon too I'm just giving you more options ? But if I were to select one from your list I go for the X trail cause Nissan is a popular brand in SL and you will be able to find someone good to get any repair done Don't know much about the Outlander but have seen a lot of newly registered Outlanders for sale in AL might be because of charging problems and there is a new 2015 Outlander too I also agree with you the CRV costs too much but its a really good vehicle Hope this helps Good Luck
  7. My uncle had a prob like this in his Toyota Corolla wagon it got worse and he repaired the gear box from some place in negambo but after a few months the prob came again finally the car refused to move then we took it to Toyota Lanka and they said we have to replace the gear box and we did now its ok my advice for you is to take your vehicle somewhere you can really identify the prob like Toyota Lanka coz we really dont know whats going inside the gear box, just go to find out the problem after that you'll be able to find the solution Good luck....
  8. thanks for the commnets guys
  9. need to buy a small car please guide me I'm thinking of the alto n trend because I'm looking for a fuel efficient car and need to know which one has the low maintenance cost I'm looking for a registered vehicle Please help
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