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  1. If the paint is in tact, try the PDR place around Delkanda. Keen Auto. You can find the place in google maps and FB. I had a similar experience recently and the guy there was able to do a great job in getting it out.
  2. Easiest is surgical spirit (rubbing alcohol). Tried and tested. Put it on a cotton wool, leave it on top for about a minute, wipe off. Wash off and add a layer of protection (wax) afterwards.
  3. I'm on the look out for a place for a minor paint job on a bumper. Looking for a place that will pay attention to things like over spray, covering all plastics properly etc. Its going to be sort of a spot/fade paint job as I dont want to mess the whole bumper. Considering couple places. Any recent experiences with below options? MagicT***** in Nugegoda, Arab***Motors in Maradana or Kenta** Auto in Pepiliyana. Arab joint has some good reviews even on this thread. Magic place has a very convincing web site and Kent place seems OK. Anyone who has done a paint job either of them? A
  4. I use google translate app for android. You can take a pic and let the app do its magic. Its a bit of a pain to use if you intend to read many pages as you need to make sure the focus, angle size etc. is right specially with Japanese text. But when you really want to understand a message on the dash or how something should work, it really comes in handy. But definitely not an alternative to running a pdf or html through google translate.
  5. I'm having the same problem in my Honda Fit on the passenger side mirror. The most annoying thing is that when ever the engine is on, there is a motor running noise coming from that mirror and can be heard from inside the car. Also the mirror can now be folded easily. The mirror adjustments work fine and only the folding function fails. I have also read about a common issue with a shut off device failing which stops the retract function in honda cars. Since I can hear the motor running and the fact that I can move the mirror with very little force I guess it can't be that and has to be with s
  6. Well, there's a little bit more detail information you should know before you come to conclusions i think. W is the highest grade alright and has Teak inserts, optitron dashboard (Illumination dash), antena integrated to the rear windscreen etc. but it comes in two variants. One called W grade D-Package which has the 7 speed triptronic option. So not all W grades come with triptronic. Well, from what i know, all grades come with the CVT gear box and the triptronic version is just a software controlling the changes. Therefore, if you are worried about the "troubles", you are most likely to co
  7. Thanks for the info Fire Dragon1. Do you have the Agent valuation (FOB, Ins, Freight, other) for these two cars just like you gave on KSP90, it would come in handy to make accurate calculations.
  8. There is no special permit required for this. There are some paper work to get done at inland revenue and customs dept. May be this is what you are reffering to, or have the law changed recently?
  9. So what is the duty on 1300cc Vitz? Its the SCP90 and not KSP92 as you have guessed. You have given values for the 1000cc Belta (KSP92) and 1000cc Vitz (KSP90). Whats the duty for the following chassis no's 1300cc Vitz - SCP90 1500cc Vitz RS - NCP91
  10. I think KSP92 is the 1000cc Belta. So your Agent valuations are for the Belta 1000cc and Vitz 1000cc, Isnt it? 1300 vitz is SCP90. Do you have the agent valuations for SCP90 and perhaps even the 1500cc Vitz RS, model no NCP91?
  11. I digged up a 4 year old thread.. hence you see the pricing like that. Now the going price for a 2003 is about 2.4 mil.
  12. Need almost the same info on 2003 passat 1.8T. Can you guys share what you know about this car. How is the agent dealing with repairs on this? Are they a totally dependable agent or better look else where for maintainance kind of and if something goes wrong, are we talking about waiting months till they get a certain part. Any specific issues that one would need to check out on a passat with a milage of 80K.
  13. Found some good info in the CVT threads here. Seems like very good care should be taken on the honda CVT box and hopefully that magic oil is available here is SL now.
  14. When stafford runs out of CVT oil they sometimes take quite a long time to stock up again. Last year i needed to change CVT oil on a fit aria and had to wait close to 3 months till they finally got it. Its good to know of any other place that stocks this Honda CVT oil. randikatn, please keep this thread updated once you change the oil and if it fixed the vibration issue. I have heard that once you get this very known problem on Honda CVT box, the only lasting solution is to change the gear box or just keeps coming back once the oil gets a little old, even as old as 5000Km. It's interesting
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