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  1. I think before actually carrying out the swap, you have to inform the Commissioner of MT about it with reasonable reasons for doing it and get a preliminary approval. then all the other stuff follows as @matroska has stated. this I remember reading somewhere in the DMT website longtime back.
  2. Carried out the rectification, and the condition is somewhat better now. the noise comes rarely but not frequently like before. thanks for the advice.
  3. Hey, have this FB15 EX 1999, which makes that metal in a blender sound occasionally when starting. the starter wont fully engage with the flywheel, and makes that sound. as usual found out via internet that its something to do with the Bendix gear. My question is, is it a hard thing to replace like a DIY. I do have most of the general tools at my house as well. and if i remove the starter from engine, how can i differentiate whether i need to change the Bendix or it just need cleaning and lubricating.. Thanks ladies and Gents.. TC
  4. First of all, if u r buy a defender check the CR is a genuine one. they will offer u a CR but when u go to the RMV the CR lot number won't be even in the system. check a copy of the CR from RMV. make sure the chassis number is where its supposed to be, and not tampered with, and check if there are obvious signs of the chassis portion where the number is etched is not cannibalized from another jeep. there are a lot out there in such conditions as well. if the original vehicle is a cab or double cab type (soft top) and has been converted to hardtop (5door) the change of body type must be mentioned in the "4. Conditions, Special notes" section of the CR. there are few which are being changed in the right manner and all taxes properly paid as well. i think its called body permit of something like that. check "8. Class of vehicle" dual-purpose/motor car or station wagon(not sure abt the last one though) check "16. Wheelbase" if its 90 or 110 this should be indicated there in centimeters. if prior to 1990 ish should be 89 or 109 non-defender models check "22. Seating capacity" this is another place where u can check what the vehicle class is lastly "25. length width height" especially check the length is as per the type of vehicle u gonna buy, short or long model. this is what I know, in my own experience, if there's any shortcomings or anything to add, please do so. genuinely hope that you will find a genuine defender.... seriously
  5. I'm interested in buying a Shuttle as well. 2018 or later if available in SL. I didn't see any online though. but have a question, is Honda Shuttle the same as Honda Fit Shuttle? or as I understand, pre-2015 is fit shuttle and afterward its just shuttle. am I right? the second question, is the hybrid battery and control modules positioned under the cargo area? and last, what's the huge air went (or something like that) near the back hood in the cabin on the driver side?
  6. charithtg

    Mazda demio 2018

    any idea what the price range is for a 2017-2018 demio (Mazda2 hatch) 1.3 liter?? the exact model im looking for is the 13S Touring, but anything else will do as well. cannot find a car for sale on the net in SL. just wanted to see whats the second had price is for the new faced Demio. thanks, cheers..
  7. charithtg

    Mazda Demio 2008

    comment moved to another post ?
  8. Do u have any idea where the rest of the 1.xx million goes on the permit when u buy a car with the 3.6 mil permit. What im saying is if u import through an importer, his nonpermit price is 6 million and permit price is like 3.8-4.0 million. are they robbing u out of the permit as well??
  9. Here's the whole family. Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices (Corolla) Engine Transmission Driveline Price*4 (Japanese yen) G-X 2ZR-FAE (1.8 liter) Super CVT-i [with 7-speed sport sequential shiftmatic] Front-wheel drive 1,936,000 S 2,139,500 WxB 2,315,500 8NR-FTS (1.2 liter turbo) 6-speed manual [i-MT] 2,409,000 Hybrid G-X THS II with reduction gear (2ZR-FXE 1.8 liter) Front-wheel drive 2,403,500 Four-wheel-drive (E-Four) 2,601,500 Hybrid S Front-wheel drive 2,574,000 Four-wheel drive (E-Four) 2,772,000 Hybrid WxB Front-wheel drive ◎2,750,000 Four-wheel drive (E-Four) 2,948,000 Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices (Corolla Touring) Engine Transmission Driveline Price*4 (Japanese yen) G-X 2ZR-FAE (1.8 liter) Super CVT-i [with 7-speed sport sequential shiftmatic] Front-wheel drive 2,013,000 S 2,216,500 WxB 2,365,000 8NR-FTS (1.2 liter turbo) 6-speed manual [i-MT] 2,458,500 Hybrid G-X THS II with reduction gear (2ZR-FXE 1.8 liter) Front-wheel drive 2,480,500 Four-wheel-drive (E-Four) 2,678,500 Hybrid S Front-wheel drive 2,651,000 Four-wheel-drive (E-Four) 2,849,000 Hybrid WxB Front-wheel drive ◎2,799,500 Four-wheel-drive (E-Four) 2,997,500 Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices (Corolla Sport) Engine Transmission Driveline Price*4 (Japanese yen) "X" 8NR-FTS (1.2 liter turbo) 6-speed manual [i-MT] Front-wheel drive 2,169,200 Super CVT-i [with 10-speed sport sequential shiftmatic] 2,202,200 Four-wheel-drive 2,400,200 G 6-speed manual [i-MT] Front-wheel drive 2,339,700 Super CVT-i [with 10-speed sport sequential shiftmatic] 2,384,800 Four-wheel-drive 2,582,800 "Z" 6-speed manual [i-MT] Front-wheel drive 2,504,700 Super CVT-i [with 10-speed sport sequential shiftmatic] 2,549,800 Four-wheel-drive 2,747,800 "X" THS II with reduction gear (2ZR-FXE 1.8 liter) Front-wheel drive 2,488,200 Hybrid G 2,659,800 "Z" ◎2,824,800
  10. Do u have the Corolla Sport??? if yes, is it with the gauge cluster with digital screen in the middle or with big dial gauges.
  11. I was thinking of commercial or sampath, but with your recommendation will go to the fort one directly then.. thank you sir. PS - i like the way to mentioned *TB as stupid little; they are like that most of the time,, i used to be a customer from their initiation but not anymore.. LOL
  12. well we checked on that with the Custom Controller last week. according to them, the gift scheme has been stopped indefinitely and they are not sure when it'll be reactivated. therefore, all vehicles (Except for diplomatic etc) imported to SL must have a LC opened. specially as im planing on using my permit to clear the same. thanks for the thought.
  13. Thanks for the info, much appreciated.
  14. I will check with the bank as well before starting anything. thanks.
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