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  1. First of all, if u r buy a defender check the CR is a genuine one. they will offer u a CR but when u go to the RMV the CR lot number won't be even in the system. check a copy of the CR from RMV. make sure the chassis number is where its supposed to be, and not tampered with, and check if there are obvious signs of the chassis portion where the number is etched is not cannibalized from another jeep. there are a lot out there in such conditions as well. if the original vehicle is a cab or double cab type (soft top) and has been converted to hardtop (5door) the change of body type must
  2. I'm interested in buying a Shuttle as well. 2018 or later if available in SL. I didn't see any online though. but have a question, is Honda Shuttle the same as Honda Fit Shuttle? or as I understand, pre-2015 is fit shuttle and afterward its just shuttle. am I right? the second question, is the hybrid battery and control modules positioned under the cargo area? and last, what's the huge air went (or something like that) near the back hood in the cabin on the driver side?
  3. charithtg

    Mazda demio 2018

    any idea what the price range is for a 2017-2018 demio (Mazda2 hatch) 1.3 liter?? the exact model im looking for is the 13S Touring, but anything else will do as well. cannot find a car for sale on the net in SL. just wanted to see whats the second had price is for the new faced Demio. thanks, cheers..
  4. charithtg

    Mazda Demio 2008

    comment moved to another post ?
  5. Do u have any idea where the rest of the 1.xx million goes on the permit when u buy a car with the 3.6 mil permit. What im saying is if u import through an importer, his nonpermit price is 6 million and permit price is like 3.8-4.0 million. are they robbing u out of the permit as well??
  6. Here's the whole family. Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices (Corolla) Engine Transmission Driveline Price*4 (Japanese yen) G-X 2ZR-FAE (1.8 liter) Super CVT-i [with 7-speed sport sequential shiftmatic] Front-wheel drive 1,936,000 S 2,139,500 Wx
  7. Do u have the Corolla Sport??? if yes, is it with the gauge cluster with digital screen in the middle or with big dial gauges.
  8. I was thinking of commercial or sampath, but with your recommendation will go to the fort one directly then.. thank you sir. PS - i like the way to mentioned *TB as stupid little; they are like that most of the time,, i used to be a customer from their initiation but not anymore.. LOL
  9. well we checked on that with the Custom Controller last week. according to them, the gift scheme has been stopped indefinitely and they are not sure when it'll be reactivated. therefore, all vehicles (Except for diplomatic etc) imported to SL must have a LC opened. specially as im planing on using my permit to clear the same. thanks for the thought.
  10. Thanks for the info, much appreciated.
  11. I will check with the bank as well before starting anything. thanks.
  12. No worries, water level was upto foot rest level. No electronics were contaminated as well. So i think it'll be ok. Thanks for the concern..
  13. Thank you for the reply, i was in the same stance as well. but when i explained it to a certain SL vehicle importer, he said that cant be done as if i get an invoice to the lesser amount for LC and that will be considered as undervaluation and i will be penalized for doing that, which i was not able to further clarify from him. i perfectly understand that the import tax will be calculated for the CC and it has nothing to do with the CIF value, except for the new lux tax.
  14. hey there, i am in need of some guidance in selecting a correct method to import a vehicle from japan. One of my relatives in Japan bought a 2018 hatchback 1200CC petrol few months back with water damage upto wheel level and have been using it there without any issues. i got my gov permit recently and i want to get that car down here through personnel LC. the reason is i do not have to spend huge amount for the cost of the car. As per my knowledge the CIF value in SL for the same kind of car is about 30 laks but i only have to pay my cousin in japan about 14 laks. if
  15. Well its official ladies and gents, published yesterday. a circular might come out soon, not sure though. From Finance Ministry Web page Luxury tax on motor vehicles will not be affected for small vehicles. PUBLISHED ON 31ST OCTOBER 2019 The Finance Act has been amended as proposed in the Budget 2019 by Minister of Finance Hon. Mangala Samaraweera, the tax levied on motor vehicles will only be subject to luxury cars and jeeps and also the new tax will not be relevant to small cars. Vans, single cabs, double cabs, motorcycles and motor tricycles are not subject to this luxury tax
  16. i was just interpreting what the doc says. further they have mentioned the before depreciation cost as 17291 GBP for vitara and aft depreciation 85% is 14697 GBP. so in this case the amount u mentioned for a "reasonable used one" is in par with what the doc has mentioned. but in the end i think what customs will consider for CIF value is what the local agent would tell them. or in the case of a model which the agent is not importing to SL i dont know how the CIF is considered by the customs. PS - Much appreciated if anyone can shed some light on how the customs get CIF values f
  17. Vitara's CIF is below 3.5 mil so not lux tax. Vezel even at the same CIF as C-HR is a hybrid so the lux tax exemption limit is 4 mil for hybrid compared to the 3.5 mil for non-hybrids, thus no lux tax for Vezel.
  18. So do u think that using a stingray T will be same as using any other turbo petrol car (like the 1000ccs coming out these days)? Or will the engine have more issues in the long run.
  19. great piece of work sir. very impressive indeed. just one observation, the last pic in the quoted; i see that the RPM needle is not alighted even with power coming to the cluster. this could be due to misalignment during installation. i faced the same situation while doing some work on a Nissan sunny cluster. nothing i did worked as after installation and powering up there were tiny miss alignments. so the best method which i found was before fitting the PCB into the cluster cover, and before installing the needles powerup the board (ACC). the needle servo shafts of RPM, Odeo, and temp (
  20. do a search here on AL, and on google as well with reference to Sri Lanka. you'll find many companies who import these, out of it there will be few which can be considered as reputable. hope you'll find a good deal.
  21. Just wondering why the Stingray Turbo is reselling cheaper than a regular Stingray is reselling these days. found few of them abt 3 mil +/- 50K and same milaged Stingray is at the same price range or more.. Any ideas ppl??
  22. 2019 is out and it looks awesome. got a quote for 6.3 mil. it think its a bit high for a small hatch back... well its a bit longer than the old A1 i think..
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