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  1. Thanks all. Will checkout the Mazda at the dealers and update ?
  2. I found this list recently. probably more accurate.
  3. Thanks, that's quite comprehensive and helpful. I checked with the agents about the Corolla sedan and their version (1.6?) is a bit above my price range (7.7+). someone told me that there is a 1.2 one which is MT only?
  4. Thanks. I will talk to Stafford as well. No, not looking for a stick shift. I heard that the 1.2 corolla sedan is MT only?
  5. Thanks bro. That sounds reassuring but it's just that I sometimes "forget" to be careful ?. I saw that they had increased the ground clearance for the Indian market so that was another reason I was concerned. In order for the hatchback to be value for the permit I have to order the Tech pack with additional luxury tax, and I'm not crazy about wireless charging or a sunroof. Maybe I should think about the sedan but it just might be over my budget ?
  6. Thanks a lot. Hope you managed to find one. If so how was it for use on local roads?
  7. Dear All I'm looking to import a car for the 3.6 mil permit, budget between 4-6mil. Will be using it for a minimum of 2 years. I was thinking of the Honda civic 1.0L but rethinking that because of a) Ground clearance - 135mm may not be enough as not limited to the city? b) Have to get the Tech pack (highest grade) because others have no value for the permit. So looked at the corolla sport (maybe better resale value, same ground clearance) and the mazda 3 (which may not have the same resale value?) Any thoughts? Am I overlooking any other options? (not too keen on the CH-R
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