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  1. Guys.. I'm talking about everyday general people who use cars for daily commuting and most of the general usage.. my example was bulk of mainstream manufacturers will move into hybrid systems sooner than later and it will not take another 50 yrs to do that. And the demand for that will increase with mainstream customers. you are only speaking about the the opinions of Car enthusiasts who love driving manuals.. thats a different story.. Who says everyone needs to jump to hybrids?? you got it all wrong my friend. I'm saying expect more hybrids models coming to the market NOT you need to b
  2. current generation Hybrids are obviously better with fuel economy and obviously it is the future until electricity or other source of energy picks up the vehicle market Hybrid haters in this thread is like all the auto-gear hates when they were introduced back in the day But now do you see anyone asking for a new car with Manual gear ? nowadays all the general & luxury manufactures (Ferrari,Porsche etc) are jumping into this hybrid systems and soon there will be very less options without a hybrid build into a vehicle even supercar manufacturers are turning to use hybrids in thei
  3. 1. This part above might not be practical and not true. For example normally let’s say the oil change is needed every 5000kms and we go to the service station to change the oil. This creates a problem because lets say engine is running less the time than conventional vehicle, there is no measurement or an indication here when the oil change is needed other than how much miles/kilometers you have traveled. 2. I also have doubts about Engine running half the time . If the car is moving most of the time the engine is running proportionally with the amount of remaining battery - in Prius. And o
  4. Yeah saw one when I was at Toyota Wattala. It seems only the tail lights are different in new model ! (at least in outer appearance )
  5. Thanks Man !! really usefull Its easy to configure bluetooth in Prius than in Honda insight
  6. Try these tips: http://www.fuelly.com/tips/
  7. Thanks Man! yes its same model goes as Demio. as per the post there are screws to remove the filter ! thats a first for me and thats why we didnt find it. This is very useful link. thanks.
  8. Hi Guys, Does any Mazda Demio owner know if a AC/Cabin Filter is there in the Demio ? usually my previous vehicles had. But when I went to Auto**M** their technician try to search it by removing the cabin but couldn't find it. I think there should be one
  9. Yeah its trueeven with car makers also with regard to City driving...as this presenter says in the 2012 Civic Hybrid - Honda says City "44mpg" but actual usage what they got is 34mpg !!
  10. I hope this site is not already posted. (did a search) this site shows almost all car models with User submitted fuel economy. obviously a US or UK site but we can get a idea which models are better at fuel economy than others http://www.fuelly.com/ you can also check in different units: US | UK | L/100km | km/L KM/L for our understanding.. amazingly Corolla is not doing good fuel economy as they say in SL http://www.fuelly.co.../toyota/corolla http://www.fuelly.com/car/toyota/prius http://www.fuelly.co...r/honda/insight http://www.fuelly.com/car/mazda/3 http://www.fuelly.com/car
  11. Very True .. look at the new Corollas maybe they dont mind becuase poeple will still buy these for economical perspective. I think Toyota don't care about design much. its a shame becuase I dont think they dont have the capability to add some curves to their vehicles. they just ignoring it or making sure only high end vehicles have nice designs. (thats also questionable ) Seriously Toyota !!
  12. My dad have a honda insight bought recently before the tax increase. For me Honday insight is a good vehicle to drive and the interior/spacing and value for money. I dont know how economical the price is for a new one. normally it was around 37k in the market for existing vehicles already bought into the country. But as per the Car sale Guy ,if you buy a new insignt with new taxes it will increase about 8 laks. (thats what he says) But probably new Vitz will cost you more. I would say better go for a Hybrid since anyway Petrol prices will be going up after the New year. and it will keep g
  13. Hi Guys, Is there anyone who has bought this Model ? (Panda Cross/ called GX2 in china) how is the experiences of day to day driving? Because I'm hoping to buy one and I don't see many vehicles on the road.
  14. hmm yeah that can happen because the engine does not hav any sound (when using battery)
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