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  1. Iced-T's post in Lancer C12, Gurgling sound during hard acceleration was marked as the answer   
    Hi all.. thanks for all ur help... The problem was with a cracked vacuum hose from the air inlet filter to the exhaust manifold area in the engine (not attached to the carb). 
    I am so glad I managed to find this. After the hose replacement no hesitation at all xD. 
    I checked the ends of the hose, whereas the middle of the hose was cracked... cant believe i missed this . 
  2. Iced-T's post in Damaged tire was marked as the answer   
    Update:  I looked around for a few days and was able to find a used Michelin tyre which looks like it has a good 8000 to 10000 km left of thread on it. The tyre was also worn evenly. 
    So I purchased this tyre for 3000 Rs. and I am now running the car. When its time I will change all 4 tyres. 
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