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  1. Thank you Davy, The center caps are plastic. I am also worried about the integrity of the rim and I am not a big fan of modifying anything that comes stock. I will ask a few places to see if the clips can be fabricated. Thanks again.
  2. Thank you for the reply. I looked around darley road and panchikawatta for another center cap but was unable to find the right size/ pattern etc. Does this kind of screw/tapping work on alloys require a lot of precision? it seems that i might need to tap 2 screws into the rim. Are there any places that will do this for me properly or can give me some advice after looking at the rim.
  3. Hi, The center cap clips for my rims are broken and are not holding on to the rims. Will it affect the wheel balancing if a tiny hole is drilled (screw tapped) into the alloy so that the center cap can be screwed in. Any help is much appreciated. Iced-T
  4. My lancer c12 uses a 4G15 engine. The car has been with us since 1996. The engines are very solid and parts are easy to find (water pump, timing belt components, gaskets etc). We have not had any issues at all with this engine. The car travels from Colombo to Negombo everyday on the highway at highway speeds. Goodluck.
  5. Iced-T

    Speaker brands

    Hi... @PreseaLover´╗┐I bought Pinoneer speakers from Singapore. Model Number TSG1645R. They are 6" 2 way speakers. For the front I am also using Pioneer 4" 2 way speakers model number TSG1015R. Been using them since 2016. No issues at all. Sound quality is perfect
  6. Hi Mazda2, Did you replace your tyres? (Normally a tyre change would be around 40,000km) sometimes a significant drop in economy could be the result of a lower quality tyre being put on to your car (or tyre pressure not correct). Also check the exhaust line to see if there are any leaks. (highly doubt this though since the car is so new) Regards, Iced-T
  7. Hi, Has anyone used the Nankang NS20 tyre? I would like to know if it is a decent tyre to buy for SL roads. regards, Iced-T
  8. Iced-T

    Fuel Efficiency

    Vehicle: 2015 Audi A4 (Stock) Transmission : Automatic Engine Capacity : 1800CC Fuel: 95 Octane Consumption : City - 9-10 kmpl, Outstation - 10-11 kmpl (With Aircon) Vehicle: 1985 Mitsubishi Lancer C12 (Stock) Transmission : Manual Engine Capacity : 1500CC Fuel: 92 Consumption : City - 9-10 kmpl, Outstation - 11-12 kmpl (With Aircon) Vehicle: 1980 Mitsubishi Colt A156 (tuned to perform) Transmission : Manual Engine Capacity : 1400CC Fuel: 92 Consumption : City - 7-8 kmpl, Outstation - 8-10 kmpl (With Aircon)
  9. Iced-T

    Vinyl sticker wrap

    I would like to know the legal implications of adding a vinyl sticker wrap to a car to make the vehicle 2 tone. The top half of the car being the original color and the bottom half will have the sticker. The vehicle is a 1980 Mitsubishi Colt. Any help is much appreciated. Regards, Iced-T
  10. Hi @Iroshw Did they use a compound that looks like this (cerium oxide) ... mix with water and use a buffing tool ? Regards, Iced-T
  11. @GAPAUTO did u solve this issue ?
  12. Hi, Are there any 2 door Nissan Datsun Sunny B211 Cars in Sri Lanka? Did any of the coupe versions come down to SL? Regards, Iced-T
  13. Hi Davy, I have been always using ceypetco 90 gear oil for this car. This was always the case on cold mornings with this reconditioned gearbox. These few days it has been quite cold in the mornings maybe thats why I feel it more. I dont recall anything like this with the original gearbox.
  14. When the car is cold, shifting from gear 1 to 2 and down shifting from 2 to 1 is difficult. Its slots in though but its just a bit difficult to engage (no grinding or anything) But when the car is driven for about 10 minutes it sorts its self out and the shifting is fluid. I am aware that the oil needs to be sloshed around a bit for the gears to get lubricated properly. But I was wondering shouldnt the gearbox oil have a minimum or optimum operating temperature? ( for example when the ignition is switched on the gearbox oil starts to warm up ). Regards, Iced-T
  15. Hi.... Sorry to bring back this topic. Is there an electric heater that is supposed to be connected to the gearbox? Regards, Iced-T
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