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  1. Hi, The sound is similar to this. Actually it's like a siren noice. Not a whistling sound. Thanks
  2. Hi All, Checked the user manual. S is slope. And B is for downhill. I made the mistake it seems. Thank you all for your insight. If any one has an idea about the whistle sound do let me know. Thank you
  3. Hi All, Thank you all for the valuable inputs. Let me go through the user manual and get back to you all. However any idea about the whistling sound? TIA Madhawa007
  4. Hi All, My Toyota Vitz KSP130 2015 (YOM) gives an unusual whistle sound when I accelerate. This does not happen always. This happens when I drive for sometime long (2 - 3 hours) continuously or when I drive in the hill country or when on S (Sports) mode. I suspect it's happening when I'm on a low gear or when I accelerate fast. When it starts to come, as I accelerate the whistle sound goes up and when I take off my foot from the pedals it stops. When I'm on S (Sports) mode a burning smell also comes. I don't know these two are related. This is really annoying and need your expert opinion to resolve this. TIA. Cheers Madhawa007
  5. Hi All, Thank you very much for your valuable inputs. Regards Madhawa007
  6. Hi All, I am looking for a vehicle these days and I came across a good condition vehicle which the number plate 99 dash. Does anybody know what is 99 dash series vehicle is? Thanks in advance. Madhawa007
  7. Hi, Thank you very much for the updates. I think I have to replace all four tyres of the car. How much will it per tyre?
  8. Hi All, Thanks a lot for your prompt reply. I've checked a few and settled with one punto which is a 2007 one. Mileage is around 80k and last price is 18.5m. This is my first car and after the investment I have hardly any money if I had to do a major repair. Went on a trial and the drive was okay. But I am a bit scared to buy it because I hardly know about Italians. Checked with Indika and he said the maintenance cost is high compared to other cars. Checked the service records and as per the owner the last few services were done by a mechanic they know and that guy came to their place to do the services. Need expert opinion for me to make a decision. My max investment is around 2m. This is my first car and that why I am so concerned Thanks
  9. Hi All, Planning to buy a Grande Panto. Checked two cars, a 2006 and a 2007. Both mileage shows around 56000? Can it be real? Thanks
  10. Hi All, I am new to this forum and let me make it a chance to thank all of you for your valuable contribution I am planning to buy a Honda Civic ES1 YOM 2002 and this is my first car. Please advice me on the below points 1. Fuel efficiency 2. Maintenance cost 3. Planning to buy around 2.25m. Is it worth the money? Or do I have the option to bargain more 4. Are there any specific areas which I need to consider when buying a ES1? Thanks a lot
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