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  1. Guys, Anyone have an idea about the normal coolant temperature of vios 1NZ engine. When driving some times my overheat bulb blinks but the coolant level is normal and it is not boiling when I stop and open the engine bay. This happens often not regularly. I have connected a Bluetooth OBD reader and the normal coolant temperature shown there is around 96C. Seems like the threshold for overheat bulb is 105C. When I check the temperature in the cold start the OBD shows nearly correct environment temperature. Can this be a temperature sensor failure? If the engine is over
  2. Thankz.... Can the valve can give you faulty temperature? Does the ecu reads the temperature and give the red bulb at a certain threshold ?
  3. Hi all, My car is toyota vios 2007 and has 1.5 l 1NZ engine. Recently I was driving a long trip and suddenly heat bulb started to blink. So I stopped the car and checked. Coolant level is fine and the fan is working. So after a while when I start the car bulb is off. So I plugged a bluetooth obd reader and observed the coolant temperature while driving. It shows around 94c - 100c and blub never started to blink. Is this temperature is normal? What is the temp level that blinks the bulb? Can that problem is a senser problem? Can anyone help.
  4. Ha ha.... I knew about the slug when I bought that one and comparied to the price I got I decided to go with it. No other problems....
  5. Yes I guess so. Any idea about slug issue? Isnt that slug forms due to poor oil change intervals?
  6. Hi all, My car is vios 2007 and milage is 115000 km....I bought it at the milage 99000km first I used toyota 15w40. But with that grade oil buring is much higher so my mechanic recommend to use monograde caltex super plus 40 and since then oil burning is bearly noticible. Is that monograde oil ok with my 1NZ engine? And seems like there is some slug in my engine and a mechanic said that toyota oils are slug makers. Is this correct?
  7. Havent looked into the book recently and as I remember its 1983. Im not in the home to check on right now.
  8. Hi all, I have a Toyota carina AT150 - YOM 1983 and havent run for a while. Im getting into re-modify the car. Engine is in running condition but the body is some what corroded eg. floor bords. Corroded parts have to be replaced with new metal sheets and the interior also need some modification. Does any one know shops/places where I can buy spare parts and do necessary mechanical work? I think nugegoda area is the place to start. Any specific shops? Thanks
  9. What are the other methods? This issue is in my car. Registration says yom 2007 but seatbelts say 2003. Vios facelift version made in thailand.
  10. Can the vehicle manufactured year mentioned in the seat belt can be differ from the actual manufacture year in Thailand assembled Japanese vehicles. Recently I came across such a incident.
  11. Hi All, I have the same issue vios 2007(not belta vios). When car is in D with brakes applied lets say in traffic, car vibration is too much. When the compressor switches on there comes a big sudden vibration and it suddenly gets low after the compressor starts. But more vibration is there than without ac. I just checked my mounts myself and no break points can be seen. Odo is just 107000km. Im going to try a tune up.
  12. There is no noise or jittering. Yes tightness is there for the both sides. Then the problem is in the pump as you said. If so should I have to change the pump or can it be repairable?
  13. No there are no leaks, and I changed the oil also. Went to a mechanic and he said that there is no problem with the belt. He said that there can be a problem in the rack. He checked from under but couldn't find any reasons. Can a rack problem cause this?
  14. Then engine number says 1.5L 1NZX I think this is the same engine as in axio, yaris and 121 apart from the capacity.
  15. Thanks buddy. Yes I'm going to change the oil after some run. Now I'm using caltex super +40 oil. Is this oil is good? it is lot more cheaper(Rs 2800/=) than Toyota or Havoline oil(around Rs 4000+).
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