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  1. Hi Guys, Bought a new vehicle and when I was going through the vehicle exterior protection methods following are the options I found 1. Paint Protection Film 2. Restore FX 3. Nano ceramic Coating What is the best option to go to with considering the longevity, cost, finish, resilience etc. Or any other options available in the market. Cheers
  2. Hi Guys, Before going to buy a vehicle permit of a government officer 1. What documents need to be prepared and what needs to signed off? 2. What other additional fees do we have to pay other than tax ? Cheers
  3. In case you are importing it's not available in Japan and have to import from Australia. Since the permit market is going crazy nowadays you might not save much.
  4. Same technology. Sorry for the mistake. 10-11 Km/l is OK. My concern was if 1.0l engine going for 10km/l ,1.5l would not reach 8km/l.
  5. Sorry Same techology. Similar engine
  6. Thanks for insight. Did you drive it in SL? Agent said that within city it will do 8-9 km/l and 13-14 km/l outstation. One of my friend driving honda civic 1.0 turbo, which has the same engine, said it is only going for 10-11 km/l within city. If you don't mind what was the CIF in AUD for VtiL. Cheers
  7. Its around Rs. 10.5 million at agent.
  8. Hi Guys, Welcome any reviews on Gen 5 Honda CR-V 2018. How is the new Turbo Vtec engine experience? Fuel economy in SriLanka? Would it worth to have for that price. Cheers
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