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  1. So i got my air conditioner fixed from where @misnad did his repair.(Sak*ra Auto AC). Did my research and found to be the cheapest place. (Condenser+r1234yf refrigerant) - 70K About my experience - Owner (Chatura) seems to know the way around the car and involved in overlooking almost all the time. even the Bumper was removed by him with the help of the team. they had the relevant tools for removing plastic caps and was organized with all the nuts & bolts. all was secured in a box right after removing from the body. i'd give 4/5 for the professionalism of the work. They checked m
  2. Follow below link from Honda UK website https://www.honda.co.uk/cars/new/civic-5-door/compare.html
  3. Thanks @K.o.N.o.S appreciate it.
  4. Still at 15K ☹️
  5. Thanks @RWD.. i'm in wattala so the closest is Peliyagoda. ill check them out. ?
  6. Good day to everyone!! Ok so i feel like my air conditioner is about to go off.. ? recently i felt its not cooling as it was earlier and although the AC is set to sync - Passenger side air is colder than it is on the Driver side - has anyone experienced this? Anyhow, need to get it checked and please help to advise the best/reliable place you guys come across?? as i've seen several AC related issues on the thread.
  7. Manual says 2years or 40K - what ever comes first - that's why i thought the reminder indicated to change transmission oil but yeah - should've not skipped. as you said, they wont take any responsibility if things go wrong. actually i was beside the car time by time but security guy keeps bugging me "sir, customers are not allowed here..bla bla. so i finally came and sat down. And about the glove compartment damper - yes still functions as usual. maybe they didn't remove it.
  8. So i had my 2nd Service done at the agent on 12k mark. Apparently still their default "Recommend" choice of oil is the semi synthetic mobil super 2000 & with my request, Used Mobil 1FS 0W-30. Since its been 2 years from the purchase i got the transmission oil change indicated as well but the agents said its fine to skip it for 40k mark. so i skipped. Overall service was not bad but, -Engine degreaser was used just to give out the appearance of wet/washed look and they do not use it to serve the purpose(i was there when they applied it ) also did not wipe out after applicatio
  9. My Maintenance minder says to change the transmission oil as well and im still on 12000KMs & almost 2 years after manufacturer date. So i guess there must be a sophisticates mechanism to calculate the intervals.
  10. I used Mobil advanced fuel economy 0w-30 for my civic.
  11. Stafford recommends semi-synthetic engine oil for civic 2018 where manufacturer doesn't. i don't know where they get their recommendations from. so be aware! not reliable.
  12. I personally would stick to the maintenance minder as well. it is not a day by day or km by km calculator but considers "engine operating conditions such as speed, engine and ambient temperature, time and the vehicle use" Recommended intervals in the manual are - engine oil-20K(proof that maintenance minder is smart and adapts to SL conditions) CVT oil-40K.
  13. Happy to see a satisfied user with their service private garage in the sense its not open to others to get the service done?
  14. Even my previous car was done at Toyota Lanka and yes-their standards are very satisfactory and detailed. Sorry, i don't have any personal experience with any other but one of my friends done his Wagonr stingray in Laugfs and he was pretty satisfied. maybe nextime! Also, Use Mobil 1 advanced fuel economy next time. it meets the requirements and improves the economy + recommended from mobile website when you select the vehicle.
  15. I did my service too recently from stafford-Jaela - worst decision ever. no standard at all. they didn't even had any microfiber cloths for cleaning but half torn towel pieces. anyhow, about the oil - yes-0W burn up thing is BS as it relates to Winter. what relates to us SL is "30" part. their recommendation was to use Mobil 2000-which is semi-synthetic but no where in the manual says to use blends. After a long discussion with them i forcefully asked them to use Mobil 1 advance fuel economy 5w-30 - fully synthetic which was available with them. the oil actually seems to live up
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