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  1. Hi, can someone please mention the best/recommended Engine Oil type and Dual Clutch fluid we can use for Honda Vezel in Sri Lankan conditions?
  2. @ajm I did an inspection of the car at Stafford before I bought it. It did not show any issue. It's only 1000KM now. do you think it can become faulty that quickly ?
  3. I know but I can't afford to lose the warranty either. If they say it's normal will check with Stafford as well.
  4. thanks.. may be I am over cautious.. but the thud or grudge it makes when trying to move from a stop does not feel right. I have a KOBE warranty so I should get it checked at Care Point they say. But I dont feel comfortable with them. Any tips ?
  5. Yes but it is not just a sound, I feel a vibration as well. That is what worries me.
  6. Hi, I have an all new 2018 Honda Vezel less than 1000KM. I hear a 'thud' sound when releasing the break pedal when engine is turned ON. This happens mainly in heavy traffic when the electric motor is OFF. No issue when the electric motor is ON. Then the start is smooth. But when the Engine is ON and I release the break pedal to move forward, I hear this 'thud' or 'grudge' sound coming. Feels like its coming from the transmission. But no other issue when coasting or during normal drive. Only when trying to start off from a stop when Engine is ON. Any ideas guys. Your thoughts are most welcome.
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