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  1. tyrebass is managed by USP. You would find better offer if you directly check with U&H with your tyre size via their FB page.
  2. Mine is at 29K now and I’m seeing little peel off on one of the tyres. They were rotated at every service and occasionally I too get DWS warning that air is lower. on the potential replacement, i did a small analysis based off the review ratings on tyrereviews[dot]co[dot]uk for those tyres which are available for purchase in Sri Lanka. Based on that the highest overall rating was for Continental ContiMaxContact MC5 and Yokohama BluEarth ES32. However, cost wise Yokohama is much cheaper and you should be able to secure a tyre for about 27-30K each (prices do vary from place to pl
  3. Made in Russia
  4. I’ll not comment about the mechanic. But the vehicle will give you troubles from turbocharger to timing belt and what not if you end up buying a car that was not maintained properly, or maintained regularly, but not following what’s recommended by manufacturer; Honda (not the dealer). a well maintained vehicle will not give you any issues (FYI: the timing belt is only required to be inspected after 5 years and should be replaced only after 10years. See attached response from Honda UK)
  5. Mobil1 ESP is ACEA C2/C3 engine oil (available with McLarens and resellers) which is fully compatible with ACEA C2 except the fuel efficiency factor.
  6. Using a EX Tech Pack over 2 years now. I’m a follower of the in-car maintenance minder since 0 ODO and using an engine oil which matches manufacturer recommendation (ACEA C2, Mobil1 ESP). Haven’t had a single issue you’ve stated above and car is in pristine condition as it was bough 2 years back. From what I have heard and seen from many is that, they use a 0W-20 and to make things worse a semi-synthetic to that turbocharged engine. (Read on Google on general recommended oils for a turbocharged, catalytic converter equipped vehicles). Honda UK only recommends 0W-20 if the o
  7. Isn’t it obvious for oil lines to block when they recommend a semi synthetic oil in the first place. Nothing less than fully synthetic oils should be used in this turbocharged engine. Looks like first create the problem, then offer a solution, to me.
  8. Further, this A*aron Q85 battery is about 3cm taller than the stock V*rta L2 one. But it's the best alternative we've seen yet. So glad that they brought it down to SL for us and others who needed a EFB battery. ? Due to the A*aron Q85 being taller, this wire now dangling around as it cannot be fixed to the battery holder screw.
  9. A good battery reads about 130%+ when read from a battery tester. What the place you've stated has EFB technology batteries but it's not the exact model required for the Civic (Civic needs L2 battery). Hence the reason why 600CCA. Check the Ah ratings of the battery as well, else your alternator won't be able to keep the battery upto the level if you do short trips mostly.
  10. @NemesisArc I wonder what was the reason behind to skip the transmission oil change till 40K mileage. So if something happens due to bad transmission oil, will they take full responsibility as you are following their instructions? besides, not sure why it popped up for transmission oil change, as mine too is 2+ years older, yet it’s just the A,B codes still. (Oil, Oil+Filter). Done 3 services so far. other things are just the flip side of not being able to be by the car while they do the service, you don’t see what they do with the car. Carelessness is there with almost every guy as
  11. @misnad, the owners manual reference above is from a US/Canadian model, which has some region specific differences as we use a UK domestic model here. Hence it’s always a good thing to look at the hard manual (book) for any clarification. The ACEA conformity is there as the car has a 3way catalyst/GPF. These oils with ACEA conformity has lower HTHS compared to a oil without it. This lower HTHS increases the life of the 3way catalyst. For the viscosity, any commercially available 0/5W-30 is recommended as it has the adequate thickness required for the engine for longevity of the engin
  12. Thanks for letting us know about this battery, would be the savior for Civics.
  13. Very informative article. Good find @Senalw thank you!
  14. @Devinda_Z as I looked around it the air intake lines, there seems to be no MAF sensor in this 1.0L engine. It’s a MAP and Intake air temperature combination that’s used. I’m no pro on this, but that’s what I understood. Correct me if I’m wrong.
  15. ACEA spec differs from Civics with a GPF and without a GPF. Mine has a GPF hence I should use an oil which has ACEA C2 conformity. If C2 is not available I can use C3 but it’ll have a slightly less fuel efficiency as C2. It’s stated as attached on the oil cap in mine.
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