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  1. Hi .. Thank you soo much for your comment.. yes this is from internet.. I have another car toyota vitz while I am doing service it from the compnay, I ask about my 141 from mechanic, this is what he said .. I sent an email to the Toyota main company .. and they sent the user manual in pdf format, it said . It's normal to burn so much oil.
  2. Hi friend, I went to Toyota and they checked and said that one quart of oil in the range of 1,500 miles to be acceptable.. according to Toyota this is normal,, but i have no idea ...
  3. Hello iRage.. its actually move in to lower dot of the stick every 5000KM.. please refer the image.. is it normal?
  4. Hello, Friends, I got 2008 Corolla 141, recently i notice that it's burning oil. Every 5000 KM service oil level changed to lower level.. is this normal? Is there 141 users who are facing this same issue???
  5. Hello Friends, How much will it cost for drive shaft oil seal replacement? Corolla 141 Thank you, Sam
  6. Hi, I checked them.. one of my friend said its because of water pump.. Still checking... Thxx
  7. Hi friends , i got Toyota Corolla 141 and recently i heard bad noisy sound on the engine area. Where it comes from? any recommendation? Please refer below link for sound.. this is same as mine.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqtzWse-Jx8 Please help Thanks, Indika
  8. Thank you friend appreciated your reply
  9. Thank you friend appreciated your reply
  10. Thank you friend appreciated your reply
  11. Hii, i thought middle is in between for 5 bars.. that's why i am confused
  12. Hi All, i just want to check that Corolla 141 2008 Temperature Meter value is little bit higher than mid point.. is it normal? Thank you
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