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  1. Husny

    toyota vios engine

    Brother I'm looking for buying an engine for premio 240. Should i find an engine 1nz-fe specifically removed from a premio 240? Where can i buy this?
  2. Need a good condition premio 240 engine 1NZ FE 1.5CC. ANY RECCOMENDATIONS?
  3. ම්ච්න් මට පොඩ්ඩක් තෙරුනෙ නෑහෑ. සින්හලෙන් කියන්ඩ පුලුවනිද?
  4. You mean sludge will anyway cause oil reduction da? Im changing oil in 4000 km, to remove slude quickly. Anyway to remove sludge, i should change oil in quick cycles. because flushing is harmful ne haha
  5. Hey mates, (Please read fully before answer) I bought a toyota premio 240 2003 model auto gear one before 7 months back. Did a tuneup and put 10w 30 toyota oil, its started reducing like around 2 centimeters when i go on a long journey. (Also engine had sludge also.) I dont see any oil leakage, or burning (no kalu duma/black smoke in my exhaust) Then i thought to put 15w 40 toyota oil. Now almost a month since i changed the oil. I can see like half centimeter reduced when i check the dipstick. What can be the reason for this? The engine seems bit old
  6. Thanks mate. But i guess Thermostat valve is at the start of the valve going from engine to radiator. Just read in the book. So the thermostat valve is
  7. That's a good advice brother. But i have a doubt. 1. If the water pump is bad and didn't pump water to the engine pathways, how did the temperature showed normal? 2.I want to know if the thermostat valve is inside the engine or just at the end of the radiator pipe (if so it should be a bad design i guess). 3. And to make it clear for me, you want me to clean the radiator by removing it. And check the water pump as well right? Should i replace the thermostat valve? 4. Also if the thermostat valve is bad, how will my dashblard indicator rise to the exactly hal
  8. Understood. Please tell me the name of the coolant flush liquid. How do i flush it? Steps ?
  9. Hi brother. What's the t valve? I'm not sure what are you referring to. Can you describe it? Where i can find it in the car? What's the purpose of it? Any images or video links please? Note: I have just a medium knowledge of cars
  10. Im interested in this. Link for the other thread please??
  11. I have a premio 240, 2003 model car. Previous owner has used water instead of coolant and water contains rust(mud color), i can see by removing the cap on the radiator. So if i clean it and replace wth coolant, should I add sealant additive or something? Because i heard that if i replace suddenly with coolant, it can leak right? My car coolant capacity is 4 litres, how much coolant? And how much distilled water and how much sealant additive i should add? Please guide, and what brands i should use? Note: My car temperature is at it's ideal, exactly in the center of the indicator. Sh
  12. Any luck for finding premio 240, 2003 g grade user manual in english?
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