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  1. I am also torn between a sx4 single owner 120,000km driven hatch for 3.45 or 150,000km driven Lancer cs1 2003 with 3 owners. Any advice would be appreciated! 🙏🙏
  2. Dear Trinity

    I know you have answered this question a 100 times on this platform before. But since this is 2021 and cars have gotten older and prices have gotten crazier, can I ask you one more time, is a 2003 cs1 with 158k on the clock by three owners, is worth for 2.8 mil? And what to expect with  car like that? I have the option of buying a suzuki sx4 crossover, single owner with 120k on the road for 3.45mil. Your opinion on that?



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    2. Amil Nathanielsz

      Amil Nathanielsz

      Thanks Trinity for your input.

      SX4 suspension had been done as I was told. But other records are not available as it is now in a car sale. I cant get hold of the real owner to verify the rest. i also have a doubt if it is really a single owner car. Because some use vehicles with "open papers"

      Anyways, what else would you recommend for 3±.5 mil.

      Again, your suggestions are highly appreciated.

    3. trinity


      For that range you can try a newer model CS3 (like 2010). Other cars I’m not much updated with the prices these days. All I see are absurd prices. 

      When I bought my Lancer EX, I had the idea of upgrading to an outlander or a Mazda 6 down the line. However I just put that idea on hold because for the prices these vehicles are being sold, I could buy a good house or a nice piece of land. In addition, if you carefully look, there aren’t many vehicles that are up for sale which are well maintained. 
      so be careful and throughly check the vehicle before buying. 

    4. Amil Nathanielsz

      Amil Nathanielsz

      you are absolutely correct. Unfortunately I have to give up my montero as I am tight on cash and till I recover, I am gonna use a normal car.

      Anyway, thank you so much for your time. 

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