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    X100 Mark 2
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    Stock asf
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    Stock other than the aftermarket wheels (WEDS RS5)
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    To bring it back to top factory spec

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  1. Hi @iRage Thank you for the informative comment. Yeah that's true. I got it confirmed that its an actual VZR with a SR16 NEO VVL from the factory. I also checked the documents as well. So it wasn't a swap either. Only issue is it had so many issues for what the owner was asking. Rust issues, it needs to be overhauled and possible head gasket failure too and that's only a few of them. It wasn't riced either apart from the not so stock spoiler and car looked. but he agreed to give me the original spoiler as well. But comparing with the issues it had, i didn't feel like its a good deal to move forward with. I respect the owner's asking price and gave our offer but we called it a day. Dream spec if I was lucky enough to get my hands on a VZR -Shutterdragger- Daily drives a Mark 2.
  2. @Davy Hi davy! Thanks a lot for the info. I'll let my friend know about this. Thanks a lot again for taking the time to reply to this thread. Only thing is most of the cars we looked at are not maintained very well. We also found a pulsar VZR. Will update you on it if he actually buys it.
  3. Hello lads, Trust everyone is safe and sound. are automatic gearboxes that came in CK2 (featuring an EFI 4G15) troublesome? like brand X CVTs. I have heard few not so good things about them. But I have no experience with any Mitsubishi models. automatics per say. Asking for a friend of mine who is looking to buy one of these cars. Also would like hear from you guys about any general issues with these cars if there is any. Thank you! Stay safe!
  4. This is Superb stuff. cant wait to see this thing rolling with it's new 4E. What plans do you have for the 4E?
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