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  1. Yeah.. I know I got positive feedback from most of the taxi drivers. But all of my friends are telling me to not to do it.
  2. Thank you lovely people for your time and effort. I'll buy a wagon R or Spacia. Do you think it's a wise idea to put a vehicle for Uber with a driver? That's the final question I need to find an answer
  3. Guys and Gals, I'm planning to buy couple of 660CC vehicles to start a taxi service. These are my requirements. Budget - 2.5M to 3M Condition - Unregistered Resell - After 3 years Fuel Consumption: Above 18 in City Drive: Auto There are lot of new cars below 1000CC entering the market with new tax lows. So I'm not sure what vehicles to look for. I shortlisted some of the options. They are listed below. Make Type Toyota Pixis Suzuki Wagon R, HUSTLER, SPACIA Daihatsu Mira ES, Move Can you
  4. Hello Folks, Is there any law which preventing a vehicle owner from displaying a sticker in rear windscreen which blocks drivers view? Thank you all in advance!
  5. Hello Everyone I have a question on Nissan Leaf and need your input. I'm thinking of buying a Nissan Lead for my daily commute to office. 15 KM one way. Can you please share your input on experience in using a Leaf? What things should I need to look before buying a used Leaf (Looking for 2013, 2014 or 2015 model) How about routine services? Are they expensive? your help is truly appreciated!
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