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  1. Keep it always off. That means engine NOT stopping in traffic. There is clutch kind of this is triggering the auto start after you about to move. That will prematurely wear and break. Since it is Peugeot 3008, you do not much think about fuel efficiency...😄
  2. Guys, Need an idea. Anybody knows the registration of a car under company's name in RMV. What are the documents needs? Who needs to sign? When selling what's the procedure? Just to get some idea? Thanks.
  3. Dears, I know 3 persons. All are seems OK with me. But their workmanship prices are high comparing with Jap mechanics. One is [email protected] - 0777677677 Ajith - Pelawatte - I forgot his number. Bandara - 0729231872 Just try with them. But in my personal opionion, Aruna seems more knowledgeable and also you can discuss with him and do things with your flexible schedule. Thanks.
  4. tilvin

    BMW E30 enthusiasts?

    In original Toyotas, 2C works 10~11 kmpl. But in BMW....???.???
  5. tilvin

    BMW E30 enthusiasts?

  6. Of course bro...?. Because OP has thought that we all are sellers of used Japanese spare parts....?.
  7. This fellow is a stingy fellow....?. The mounts he have put are Malaysian and Taiwan mounts. The brake pads he has put also low quality one. Stingy fellow with a big mouth and fat file of maintenance records over many years...?.
  8. Thanks for the reply friends...?. Now there is an oil leak from the power steering, gearbox and engine probably. Power steering oil, I top up every 3 days. Gearbox oil every week, I put 1 litre. From engine, very small oil leak...? (I think no need to worry that now). Gear box oil leak, we need to fix quickly...?. I noticed the car today. During the lock down we didn't run. The paint have small bubbles all over. I think that fellow have done a cheap paint touch up work also...?.
  9. Bro, I have been caught by a dirty fellow with a smiling face. He presented himself as one of the tops in a Government institution. He had shown me a BIG file with all bills and receipts of maintenance records. He nicely spoke and cheated me. I trusted him and bought the car for a PREMIUM price. Every thing was on papers. But the car was horrible. I have already spent more than 2 lakhs on this, starting with suspensions, engine mounts, diesel pump repair, front links, etc. Still car is not coming to shape....?.
  10. Dears, As you all are aware that I am repairing almost everything for a "Japan made Toyota Caldina (With up to date maintenance history....???) - This is what they advertised when they sold that...?". I need a good home visiting mechanic to continue the work, we started in February after I bought the car. If you have any good mechanic who is reasonable in charges, please send his contact details. Only home visiting mechanic details, please. By the way, I am residing close to Kandana. Thanks.
  11. Correct. I saw one ad about a Petrol one. But now it is in the hands of a car broker...?. He is telling double the car's price....
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