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  1. Thanks Every One for the Valuable comments, It's looks 100% similar from the outer look.. As you said I better take the vehicle and check whether it fits well.. Thanks you all..!!
  2. Hi, Can Any one tell me whether Can I install Honda Hybrid Tailgate Door to a Honda Fit 2010 Normal vehicle.. It's Looks Similar.. But don't know exactly fit, I need to replace my tailgate door after an accident, but I couldn't find a 2010 door, but Hybrid model doors are there.. Thanks Janaka
  3. Hi, Is there any honday Expert here having experience with the Honda Airwave OBD (Diagnose) Connector Location, I check most of the Possible places, but I couldn't found it.. Please help me to find the OBD connector.. Thanks Janaka
  4. Hi, Thanks for the info.. I'll give a try.. Thanks Janaka
  5. Hi, Thanks for your time.. As you said I'll try the Stafford first.. Thanks Janaka
  6. Hi, As per the Vehicles Manual (I downloaded the Japanese Version of PDF from the Honda Site and Translated), this key equiped with the immobilization function. After Translating the Manual, It Shows like bellow.. The key below has been attached to this car. In all keys, [imobiraiza] function (Vehicle robbery prevention device) has been attached. Thanks Janaka
  7. My Vehicle having that Green Key Light on the Temp Meter.. But It only Lights up When I Stops the Vehicle and Opened the Door With out Removing the key from the key hole.. Thanks Janaka
  8. Hi, Thanks for the Fast Response.. You mean to Order a Blank key and Cut the Key Here in Sri Lanka.. My Existing key is bit different compared to other regular keys, Bellow I'll Attach a Picture of it.. On the Image You can see the Key Cut Area, it's not like a Regilar keys..can this kind of keys cut in Sri Lanka? is there any known places to cut this kind of keys? My key's having a Keyless Entry System (Remote Door Lock/Unlock), Can it be Programed Locally? Thanks Janaka
  9. Hi All, Happy New Year 2011 for All!!! Does any one know a Way to Order a Spare Key for My Honda Car.. Recently I have bought a Reconditioned Honda Airwave.. It Comes with only One Key.. The key is bit Different than the regular key, and can't duplicate using regular key cutting.. If any one having any expericece on the Please help me.. Thanks in Advance Janaka
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