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  1. Sorry i'm stumbling too late upon this thread. but gosh, you car is a beauty jay. kudos to you for keeping her the way she is, especially when guys of your age [am assuming your age by various evidence posted here] ruin cars like these with so called modifications. i salute your wisdom mate. good luck.
  2. cannot agree more on the morons we see on the roads. it used to be only leyland buses, marutis and three wheelers. now the viva's have also joined bandwagon.
  3. xax


    i thought common sense is to call gearbox a gearbox and engine an engine...
  4. also try Nil*kto in Boralesgamuwa. I've found their work good. body kit for a vios cost 30k couple years back.
  5. i once had a similar experience with Auto M***j's ratmalana [attidiya road] garage. the supervisors were blatantly amateurish, technicians were lethargic and the boss [think he's the manager] was such a jerk that he's so scared to blame the supervisor for delaying my job for over three weeks. after a month's delay i got my truck finally out with a uniquely coloured bonnet [ehem...unique from the rest of the car]. later when i decided to sell the car, it was the point the buyers had to bargain on. my advice is to avoid the place at any cost. my usual 'bass' who operates from a 'takaran shed
  6. but a friend who lives right opposite said there was repeated honking but no one could help due to inferno . however one fellow with an iron rod has tried hopelessly just before fuel tank blew up. may he rest in peace!
  7. i've a vigo smart cab which i bought second hand recently. it has this fake chrome mess all over i.e. around fog lamps, on taillights etc. i really want to get rid of those but reluctant fearing it'll damage the light lenses etc. i know they are stuck with 3M double tape. can anyone pls help how to remove them safely?
  8. Ya, if delkanda joints doesnt have them, try on ebay. I found ac vents for my hilux there when i couldnt find anywhere in delkanda. it was about 2000 a pair with the postage [thailand made].
  9. well i was in the same fix with my first car when i wanted to sell it pre-maturely. i ended up transferring the ownership with a 'power of attorny'. however legal it is, it's still not sure what happens if the current owner defaults the payments. i'll try to send you a copy of the power of attorny contract we had but i need to see where i put it first. personally though, i wouldnt recommend this method since it's risky.
  10. S_N, i reckon we must appreciate pakistan's role in the war. india didnt do much even for money, so is the most other nations. we must aslo appreciate the rides the paks got. whether we got them beauties in SL or not, it's a feast to an enthusiast. i never knew about this sub culture in pakistan. and what is their car lovers got to do with bin ladin?
  11. guys, notice the UK plate. am sure it's illegal, rite Fady? same stuff happening down here as well. and am very curious, can you guys smuggle cars in to pakistan and somehow register them? .
  12. now this is ART. compare this with the sloppy crap we find in our lorries and layland buses.
  13. thanks for the great exposé man. you guys are way ahead from local scene when it comes to exhotic cars i guess. btw, i do know you got a toyota plant there. who are the other manufactures you got? Suzuki, Honda? And what are their production lines?
  14. mine had a issue with breaks but that's probably for the normal wear and tear. after fixing [some cracked hose ends, and wornout break pads, shoes], it's all good now. so i dont think there'a any truth to it.
  15. It's my 7th month with the truck and pretty satisfied with. found it awsomely convenient in and out of colombo. i've also found it hard to find body parts for 107 cos certain parts are specific and cannot be replaced with surf or 106 versions. sometime back there were couple of 'parts trucks' brought from japan -one in Balangoda, other in Kurunegala- they had enough body parts when i was seraching for doors. dont know if they're still available. as for the mechanical parts, you got plenty here. but be coutious for the fake spares that come with 'genuine' packaging. even experts find it dif
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