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    '86 Corolla DX KE72V
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    Toyota 4K-J
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    KE72V- 1. Swap the standard Toyota K40 gearbox with a K50 gearbox (on hold) 2. Swap the standard instrument cluster with an AE86 JDM cluster (cancelled) 3. Find and fit a radiator cover (complete) 4. Complete respray in gloss acrylic white (TOYOTA colour code 'Super White II')and clearcoat. 5. Replicate and install all decals/placards originally on car when brand new. (partially complete!) 6. Repair/restore original half-seat cover set. (almost there!) To own a Ford Escort Mk.1 2 door or A Toyota Trueno AE86/AE85 (I'm not picky, anything would do!) Also on my mind- to build a Sprinter TE27 replica using a KE25 coupe and 4AG-E!

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  1. the "15km/h-anytime-anywhere" crowd...and now their kind has Vezels! The horror!
  2. I'm thinking a dark pink (think Rose gold) with a goth Hello Kitty decal would do great!
  3. Yes he was...and Sirasa outdid themselves with Soora Pappa! What a riot! They really should release both these on DVD.
  4. and the 15km/h-anytime-anywhere types!
  5. That DX looks suspiciously like mine... Where was this snapped?
  6. Here's my mediocre offering- This was snapped on the Poya day last week with my Fujifilm HS10 at 30X on a tripod!
  7. LOL I meant my unemployment is what's keeping me away from enjoying something like that!
  8. Yup, that's the one! 4AGE 16V in all it's glory...and it has pop-ups too!
  9. I think mine is going to be that slate grey MR2 with the 4AGE 16V Curse you, unemployment!
  10. Bwahaha brilliant! I'm going to use this line frequently, I think!
  11. and you'll get a 4AGE to boot! (if you're lucky)
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