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  1. Hats off to @AVANTE for the comprehensive review and overview regarding the car. I am also in same boat as the OP, as I am looking for a 406 D9 with around the same budget constraints. @Shenath Silva and @san1985, Did you guys buy a car? I've been looking for a D9, but I couldn't still find one in decent condition with the maintenance records.
  2. Good thread - I am also sort of in the same situation 😊
  3. I'm sorry for bumping a rather old thread. I am looking for a GP 2008 (or newer), and could I please know whether any of you have a Grande Punto for sale? Thank you! Stay safe! 😊
  4. Thank you very much bro for bringing up the part number. It was definitely helpful for me. I have still not started hunting for the part, but this put me in the right direction. Thanks again. Based on what I found, I think that the part for Rush will match perfectly for Terios as well. Thank you @Devinda_Z. It's great to know that you have bought from them previously. It seems that I can get the part for about $29 via Aramex. What shipping service did you use? Did you have to pay the import duties/custom clearance charges yourself or did the shipping agent do it all for you? Thank you
  5. One of my close friends owns a Daihatsu Terios 2007 and he has lost one of the covers that encloses front-right end-fitting of the roof railing. He is looking for a replacement and I was wondering whether you guys have any idea of a place where I can find the replacement covers. I am pretty sure that if I am to buy this, he will have to at least buy all four covers together and in the worst case, he might have to replace both railings. The following figure will give you an idea of what I am looking for. What he has lost is the right-front cover and the image with the caption "correct one" is just the right-rear cover. I found the following image from one of the popular china-based online stores and this is somewhat similar to what I am looking for (the parts of image given in the following image, apparently fits Toyota RAV 4 and the seller does not ship to Sri Lanka anyway)
  6. thanks for sharing your experience with us. You answered all of the questions I had. Definitely, I don't have problems with Korean cars, the only concern lies with what I have heard from people who underestimate the potential of Kias and Hyundais. It's just that I want to know the real experiences so that I do not have to worry much about what other people say. Truly, the people who say rubbish about korean cars, have not ever driven such cars which is the sad part.
  7. Bumping an old thread. Guys what do you really have to say about Kia Rio 2003 (Facelift Model) ? The car looks in excellent shape for the price and I really need your guys' advise on this car. I want first hand experiences and not from those who haven't even driven or been seated in a Kia Rio. Even if it's the Kia Rio older version, it does not matter. Just tell me your experience with Kia Rio. And, one of the persons had mentioned about Spectra. If more people have more comments regarding Spectra as well, please express your views. I need to know about Hyundai Accent as well. I will ask it somewhere else because this thread is related to Kia. Thanks!
  8. Obviously having an Android Car Navigation system is always a better option for me with the amount of features it brings you. And the customizability is also a plus point for android enthusiasts. What I observed was that Android Navigation systems are much expensive. I have this idea of using a 5" or 6" cheap chinese phablet to fit it inside the car with a double din frame. It won't be easy though but it will give you immense pleasure if you can do it yourself. You will obviously have to get someone to do the frame neatly in the standard double din size. You will also have to do some wiring as well, so overall it won't be easy. But you can have a car-phone as well It might cost you around Rs. 12,000/- maximum for the whole procedure given that chinese 5" mobiles can be bought for around 50$-60$
  9. Speed? I think he has reversed it with a far greater acceleration, thereby causing the big damage. It's not that he has gone reverse linearly, but trying to reverse the car while keeping the tyres turned to left hand side. I was not there. Well I will keep my attention on the numbers you provided and will see how the things pan out. Thanks again mate! Definitely yea! Not only the front, even the back is also longer I guess. We earlier had a Nissan AD Wagon (A Nissan family ) and this Presea is harder to park inside our garage with the amount of turning I have to do, in the attempt of parking the car. Anyway, I know you will say yes to this; Don't you find that you keep on getting attracted to the pleasure of driving Presea, whenever you drive? I mean, "Drive karanna karanna aasa hithena" type
  10. hehee good good Machan I need some help...There is quite a big damage to the front bumper of our Presea. Once my brother was trying to reverse the car, he has kept his eye only backwards, but not the front. And while reversing the car, the front right side of the car has touched a coconut tree. *ouch* *ouch*. The front of the car is not a great sight to see at the moment because it's been considerably damaged (front right side) The garage uncle asked us to request a front bumper, right signal light and another part(can't remember) from the insurance provider. Now we need to find a front bumper and a right side signal light. Will be going to check the shops around WIjerama - Delkanda tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Any idea of a place where we can find a bumper? I am worried of the fact whether we will be able to find a CT II bumper. We are not willing to fix a Refina bumper + headlights and change the originality of the car. We'll see. Thanks !
  11. What were you doing with your car for so long? :D
  12. Happy that you finally made your dream come true! Ah just like our Presea? You might have seen our Presea I saw a small dent in the boot lid of that car (the car which you have right now). Has it been repaired? Anyway, I didn't like Preseas a lot, but after seeing your car, I fell in love with Preseas in an unbelievable manner! I must say that driving a Presea is a whole lot better driving pleasure than driving any other car. Presea is in a different league! Did you see the image of the back of Presea, which I have added as the signature in this forum?
  13. Ah good good! Anyway, I just can't wait to participate for the next Presea meetup! I scrolled down through the Presea group and found some interesting images of great looking Preseas around the world. Saw your one too, posted by a previous owner Thanks a lot machan! I am not sure what exactly I want, so I will post a real image of the moulding of the car and then I hope that you guys will be able to help me figure out the exact part number I have already sorted out two part numbers, but not sure whether it is exactly what I want.
  14. I also have that issue machan...There are no leaks though. It just ruins the look of the car
  15. Shaa it looks awesome! Are you the one who had an issue with the rear beading???
  16. Have you posted pics of your Presea? If so give me a link Otherwise, post some pics of your Presea too
  17. I just came after a drive from Presea, Pumped a small amount of gas to the A/C system on our way. And just washed the Presea Yes I can see the touch A/C. It is called "Touch A/C" because of the buttons neh? In CT II, it has only one button "Mode" to choose all those presets. Hey! No idea of changing the Steering Wheel Cover to match its colour with Dashboard colour? It would look more awesome I guess! Anyway, your Presea is truly an elegant queen. I will post a full view of our Presea very soon macho By the way, yours is a Refina right?
  18. Can you post an image of your touch A/C if you can? Would love to see it When will you organize the next Presea Meetup?? If we can gather at least 10 Preseas, it will be a great thing neda ban
  19. Who is an "AL Member" ? Thanks for the information regarding the power antenna and emblem. I also searched over ebay and could find nothing. But I saw an advertisement on another popular classified website where an emblem for Presea was sold for Rs. 6,500. It was a bit rusty and had stains on it (around Badulla area I guess)..Too much to travel.. Doesn't the A/C of Refina come with climate control? Ours has a display panel and some buttons on it to control the A/C instead of the "moving and rotating thing" . I will post some interior pics of our Presea right here.
  20. Great! Then I will not have to bother much about that. I thought that it was an original cover Can you please help me find the part number of beading? http://www.partsworld.co.nz/parts/nissan/presea/262_r11 The link given above has some parts listed, but I can find the beading and fog light part names. Got any idea? Hey! Another thing! Would love to see the interior of your vehicle. Haven't seen it Another thing required is the Presea Badge (to install on the bonnet..It has a Nissan Badge instead of the Presea Logo)...Also, would like to have a power antenna as well Sorry for annoying you men!
  21. mmmm the prices look good Given below is an image of the box and the arrow indicates the "Screw" which has been inserted in a highly ugly manner. Do you think that it is the original box but an aftermarket COVER? However, the cover should properly fit the "lock" when it is closed (It does not get properly locked now because of the wobbling nature of the box cover). Does Ruslan have a Presea? Well I will try to check the part number and check Amayama
  22. ah is that so? Well it was of course in very condition and my father was surprisingly attracted to it as soon as he saw the car I will check with them soon. Can you mention the price of a fog light/all kinds of lights for Refina at the places where you checked? An aftermarket box? Do you mean that it is not an original one? So does that mean that I can fit in a different box and replace this one?? 17k for beading? May be for the high demand for beadings. It surely puts you in "faint-mode"..Too much to bear at the moment because I am just a university student A freelancing effort may help me get them someday. Ape thaththa is not into such things, he just drives the car and that's all I will try to create a new website. But before the creation, I will definitely contact you. I just checked the images from the Presea Meetup. I am waiting so eagerly to join the next presea meetup. Aparade I could not visit Autolanka those days neh..Me paththata awa nam I should have come to the function. But if I came, it would have been "unmatching" An old Presea R11 CT II along with three Refinas. :|
  23. Well, how did you guess it? I believe you too must have visited the house at Malabe where a Presea was for sale. And precisely, you are correct! This is that car. Well, thanks for the detailed information regarding the places where fog lights for Presea, are for sale. Well, I live in Thalawathugoda, so places like Wijerama/Delkanda is not too far from here. Will check those places soon. Do they have more parts for Presea?? Given below is an image of the small box which I am talking about. It is there, but someone has inserted a nail from the back side of the box as an temporary solution to fix it. And he has done it in a very ugly way! (It is not visible in the picture). I just want an original box to replace it, so that it will have the original look. (not so much to bother about though) What you said about the tinted glass, seems to be true. I just got rid of that idea and I will keep that "Green-Like" original tint of the glasses, as it is. Instead, I will use that money for some other thing Actually there are some sort of issues with the vehicle which need to be addressed very soon. Yeah, the post in fb group regarding the beading, is the same issue I also have. It is manageable but adding a new beading will bring a great look to the car, which is the reason I was looking for beadings. There are obviously no issues related to leaks and other annoying stuff at the moment. To be honest, I do not use FB. I have an account which is used for updating the fan page of my blog/website (even the website has not been updated for about two months ) However, I will keep in contact with the fb group and will keep in touch with you guys too. I will post some pics very soon, photographed by my brother who has a great camera and a great eye to capture eye-catching moments. Thanks for your quick reply. I have a small idea. Shall we create a website/blog as well for Presea Lovers around the world? There is obviously a blog, but it is not active enough. We can add DIY stuff as well and share the thoughts. True that fb group must exist, but we can maintain a blog as well
  24. WOW MAN! That's a sexy, yet elegant and charm beauty! Congratulations on buying your dream car few weeks back. Though I have not been a registered member here at Autolanka, I regularly followed your thread and we have a Presea R11 CT II version (301-xxxx). Happy to say that we bought it too around the same time that you bought yours. And we are in love with that..! Any idea of a place where we can get fog lights and get them installed? It does have space for fog lights (covered with a semi-transparent light like thing - It looks like a fog light, but there is no fog light ) And also, need to get some small things in place such as the small box which is in between the Front Two Seats. And also, need to know about a place where we can get the beading for rear door. It is there, but cracked/broken. Did you try an OBD 2 device with your car? I ordered one, but it is not compatible with the Nissan version. I just have to use an adapter cable which I have not ordered yet. Just would like to know whether there is someone who has an OBD 2 with them. It seems that you have not tinted the glasses. Any idea of doing so? We would like to do so, but I have a small doubt as to whether it will ruin the original look. (But you can understand the importance of tinted glasses when you just park your car at noon, facing direct sunlight)
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