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  1. Apart from the Grande Punto, I've seen a Fiat Bravo of Year 2011. How this Bravo compares to the Grande Punto? Can you point me in the direction of finding a well maintained example (prefer the dark green color - shown in the attachment) and I've seen these are ranging from 1.7 to 2.5 million. What would be the great price for a properly maintained example Also highly appreciate your feedback.
  2. Lack of dealership is not a huge concern for me as I do not intent to give away all the hard earned cash to dealers for a car that is a decade old. Also, Peugeot has CARMART.
  3. Nothing in particular is wrong with my Jag. But recently my monthly running mileage has increased significantly and fuel cost (with recent fuel price increase) has starting to creep deeper to my pocket. Also I am hoping to buy a Jaguar XJ (2005-2009) in 02-03 years and decided to buy something less imposing and more practical for the next 02-03 years. I've seen only few examples of Peugeot 308 in Sri Lanka and the details availability is also scarce. Do you have any first hand experience with the 308 or its smaller sibling, 207/
  4. First sorry for the delay in reply as I've been away from this forum for nearly a year. Also thank you very much for the very comprehensive answer and suggestion and I highly appreciate that. Yes, E34 is the more practice choice and at one point, I really wanted to buy one. But now E38 is what I am lusting for. Please PM me the contact number of the Broker. Thanks
  5. Hi I am currently using a Jaguar S Type for almost 03 years and recently decided to buy a more practical European hatchback or family car under 03 million rupees. So far, my top picks are, 1. Peugeot 308 (year 2008-2011) - price around 2.7 to 3.2 million - Hatchback 2. Fiat Grande Punto (year 2006-2008 - price around 1.8-2.4 million 3. Peugeot 307 Facelift - year 2007 - price 2.0 -2.3 milion What would be the better choice of above in terms of reliability, parts availability, maintenance costs, driving pleasure and comfort, etc. Or is there any other European
  6. BMW F10 5 Series + Rear wheel drive = good for bit more sportier and fun driving, + Brand = good driving dynamics, although may not be the "ultimate driving machine" anymore + Very attractive and muscular looking design + Has bit more specialists and parts will be slightly easier to find than Audi - Very common (specially F10 520D) in roads and thus exclusivity and prestige is somewhat affected. For 9 million - 2012 520D with low miles. Pick for enthusiasts - 530D or 528i with M Sport package Best colors IMHO - Black, havana brown, alpine white AUDI
  7. If you can live with somewhat boxy body style, wagonr (j style) is a safe and adequately comfortable car with excellent kmpl figures north of 18. If you are a more environmental friendly type of person, 2013 nissan leaf azeo is very good value at 3 million and the comfort levels are closer to more high end Japanese cars like premio, axio, allion. Also I think, kia picanto and perodua axia are also popular models just under 3 Mil mark, but I do not have any personal experience to recommend those. Try to stay away from indian entry level hatchbacks as those are not very safe cars
  8. Are you looking for a car around 3 million or 30 million ? If it is not a typo and it is 30 million, my question is why you need our help as if you can spend 30 million on a car, factors like low maintenance cost does not apply that much ? For 30 million, you can get yourself a nice BMW 7 series, Audi A8, fully loaded Merc E class, entry S class Merc, Maserati Quattroporte, BMW X5, Merc GLE SUV, Porsche Panamera, Jaguar XJ, Jaguar F Type, Toyota Land Cruiser, Land Rover and the list goes on. If it is 3 million, slightly used Suzuki Stingray would be a good choice. Just my
  9. Hi, This has reference to one of my earlier posts, in which i sought advise from upgrading from my Jaguar S type to a model within BMW E38, E39, E60, Jaguar XJ X350, etc. With valuable guidance from AL members and through my own evaluation, I have decided to go for a BMW E38 (or X308 XJ LWB Jaguar as X350 is currently out of my budget), preferably a facelifted 1998 - 2001, 740iL long wheel base car. From my limited knowledge, I think there are very few long wheel base E38's in the country, hence finding one has become somewhat of a challenge, hence I seek the help from fellow
  10. E60 is somewhat controversial BMW mainly due to radical design departure and even there was a bmw enthusiast petition to fire chief designer Chris Bangle at that time. The consensus is that LCI cars (post 2007) are much better in terms of reliability and the quality of materials used. If I am correct there is not much E60's in the island and to find a good sample one for a reasonable price will be bit challenging. I have seen some E60 of 2003 advertised as much 6.0 million. You can get a 2011 F10 523i for around 7.7 mil and F10 is a much better car IMHO.
  11. I think Nawala Cushion Works is one of the better places out there. But I think they are bit pricey.
  12. First you need to get your priorities right. Is it reliability? comfort? relative luxury? fuel economy? performance? maintenance cost? feel good factor? safety? that you are looking for. I'm afraid there is no car in the market sub 2 mil price range that can achieve all the above and thus compromises has to be made. It seems like you are looking for a trouble free car with affordable spares and easy maintenance that takes you from point A to point B. My personal advice is to avoid indian mini hatchbacks as those are notorious for safety aspects, even though they are somewha
  13. Thank you for backing me up. But there is still slight doubt about upgrading to an E38 from a S Type Jag. S type is a more modern (with retro looks that is a homage to original S Type of 60's) car (1999-2008) than E38 (1995-2001). So I am worried that, E38 could be a downgrade from the S type. Now if someone with hands on experience of both cars... doors are open to share your opinions
  14. Yes, I am looking for an E38 and not E65. Majority of BMW enthusiasts hates E65 / E66 and E60 due to Chris Bangle's somewhat controversial design choices. Personally I liked the E65/66 and thinks it is much more modern looking and relevant than an E38. But it is not interests me as much as an E38 as I know E65 / 66 are currently out of my budget range. Despite boxy and old school looks, there is something about the design of E38 that attracts me to it so much,. It's rarity could also be a factor for in its favor, specially here in SL roads.
  15. I saw that ad on the quick site. But it is an E65 (Actually E66 as it is a long wheel base model) of 7 series and the asking price for a 14 year old car is bonkers, almost LKR 6 million. There were a blue color E66 advertised for 3.8 millon few months ago, that is a priced to sell. but not this one, not for that price. Thank you for the info BTW. I appreciate that
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