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  1. Hi guys, Thanks a lot for the responses. I have not replaced the fuel filter - but in fact has done tune ups in a timely manner, with the most recent having been done about 20,000km before. In fact, some very distant symptoms of this acceleration symptom came up after I did a tune up from TL about 70,000km before. At the time TL attributed same to the gearbox not being up to the level of newly tuned fuel system (!!) - however the issue was not a hindrance to driving. Anyway, due to that experience I did the most recent tune up at an independent place. However, this most recent tune up did not include an EGR clean-up. I will get the fuel filter checked out and replace if necessary. Could EGR be a factor too, if it has a delay in operation etc?
  2. Axio NZE 141 with 170k on the clock. All running repairs have been done in a timely manner - including CVT oil change at less than 40,000km intervals, and replacement of spark plugs at 100,000km. The car has been having an acceleration hesitation from a stop, since a few weeks. Upon acceleration, the RPM would increase sharply (based on noise - no RPM gauge - X grade) whilst the car is slower to move. Overtaking a vehicle needs quite an effort. Also noticeable is that the RPM would not automatically drop (as is typical with shifting to a lower gear ratio) unless the accelerator pedal is released and re-engaged. Once accelerated to 70-80kmph, the car would maintain the speed without effort. No DTCs upon scan. Fuel economy is not noticeably different. What could be the likely cause? CVT issue? Clogged EGR? Spark plugs?
  3. Thanks iRage. Sounds exactly like what I'm experiencing.
  4. Hi guys, I've been feeling an odd ride in my 2007 Axio 141 for some time now and the replacement of various parts and multiple inspections have not really helped. The feeling I get is of that, that the car is not stable at high speeds (60+). It gives a feeling that the car is not 'planted' to the road and you do not have confidence in making sharp turns. Car has done 160k, genuine mileage. It's on its second set of shocks - having replaced the originals with KYBs at 90k mileage. However, many inspections revealed no issues. Tires are Michelin Energy Saver (UK) with plenty of tread left and all suspension components are within their life limits. I've most recently replaced my lower arm bushings, which did not resolve the issue. Tried several different alignment places to no avail. And multiple checks by technicians have confirmed no play in the rack and pinion steering. This has driven my focus to whether this could be a shocks related issue - which gives the feeling or sensation that the car is 'floating' whilst it actually is tracking fine. I've come to realise that the driver's side of the car (particularly when no passengers other than the driver is on board) tends to feel lower particularly when overtaking another vehicle (ie - on the side of the road which is sloping down). A crude check of ground height -when not under load - revealed that the front right wheel base height is approximately one inch lower than the other three. I've tried to get the issue checked at multiple places - but they all suggest that I remove the shocks for inspection whilst prepared for replacement. While I'm ok to do so - I feel it's better to have another opinion as I've found that most places will try to 'sell' you new shocks. Does this sound like a worn shocks issue? Or could it actually be the springs? I do not want to replace the shocks if it is something else - like the springs - as the new shocks will 'mask' the real issue for some time before it crops up again. Your opinion is highly appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the opinion Matroska, iRage - highly appreciated. I actually had no idea that there was a 161 gasoline version!
  6. I'm planning to sell my 2007 Axio - which I've now had for about 5 years - and wish to move up to an incremental upgrade. The Axio is a car I really like - very reliable and even economical. Apart from day to day running repairs of parts that get worn out, it has never given me any maintenance burden - and the only reason why I wish to part with it is because I use it as my daily driver and I fear it may be difficult to sell once I clock a high mileage. What is a good (used) upgrade that I can go to - for about 0.5 million extra? Compared to upgrading from a 121 to an Axio, I find that a move up from Axio requires quite a large investment. I would have liked to move up to an Allion 260, but it seems only 2007/8 builds are available around the target price range? These vehicles would likely be coming up for major maintenance events unless the mileage is genuine? Would appreciate your views. Preference is to stick to Toyota.
  7. Hi, I have a No Claim Bonus of 5+ years on my car and has been insured at the same insurer throughout that time. Recently another vehicle had brushed against mine whilst parked, resulting in some minor damages. If I make a claim on this, would I lose all of my No Claim Bonus (5 years = about Rs. 30k discount) or only a part of it? The insurer is HNB and I have not subscribed to any special features relating to No Claim Bonus.
  8. Very valid points and make a lot of sense. Thank you.
  9. I think it does not depend on one tire 'brand' but rather the quality, tread pattern, sidewall strength and construction of each different model. And, even in an excellent tire - there can still be some defective units very rarely. The best tire I've used thus far is Bridgestone Sneaker, Japanese built. Exceptional handling and very little noise. However the tire wears out a little faster and lasted about 70k. The tire I'll recommend for everyday use is Michelin. Had a set of UK built Energy XM2 tires that lasted 80,000km and could still go on. Excellent braking, very good handling, highly reliable and it goes on and on without wearing out. Only negative is being slightly noisy. Definitely more comfortable than the Bridgestone though. The price is expensive but becomes a steal when you compare the value of the product against other cheap tires that wear out faster.
  10. The rubber bushes of? I've replaced the links with non-OEM ones, trying to resolve the issue. Made no difference. The alignment was checked from multiple places. Tried different configurations and even zero camber at one point, to no avail. I think the stretching of coils took place in my one when I replaced them with KYB first. But in my case, I felt that it worsened the handling?
  11. This is the issue I'm having too. There was a lack of comfort after switching to KYB last time. The TL prices were about 34k each for front, and about 16k each for rear. KYB generic ones are 14k and 12k each comparatively.
  12. Hi iRage, much appreciate your comments. This is exactly how I used to look at same too. But the experience last time has left me puzzled. The part numbers of KYB aftermarket units and the TL units differ - but this could of course be due to distribution reasons than product differences. Yet, I think KYB has a higher scale lineup which they do not sell here? I've seen some part numbers on their overseas catalogues which are not available for sale here (we seem to import only the Excel-G lineup). Could this be the difference? I just want to restore the original handling I had in the car, not so long ago. Been having this car for five years and used to serve very well.
  13. kush, tiv - agree with both of you. Very valid point on the damping levels too. I've used KYB previously too. However, on the Axio NZE141 I noticed a significant difference in ride height as well as the handling, more than what is offset by worn shocks, upon changing into KYB (Excel-G, Japan). An engineer at TL once mentioned to me that this is because the OEM KYB front shocks on NZE141/NZT260 are a much softer version, with higher absorption, and that the average KYB aftermarket thus results in the car to sit higher. Whilst it sounds like a marketing claim, there seems to be some truth behind it - particularly given that the front shocks price difference between TL and aftermarket KYB is about 120%, whilst the rears are only about 30% higher. Has anyone else experienced the same? Part of the reason why I'm trying to replace these is because of a prolonged handling issue - that I've been trying hard to diagnose for over an year to no avail. Alignment checked, never any deviation. Links, bushes, checked and replaced where necessary. Steering rack checked and the 'rack bush' replaced. Tires are Michelin with plenty of life left. The issue keeps me puzzled as the handling is not as responsive as it once was and the car no longer feels 'planted' on the road.
  14. It's time to replace the shocks on my Axio NZE-141. As the TL OEM shocks (which are also KYB, albeit a higher grade) are prohibitively expensive - the typical choice is the regular KYB replacement shocks available in Sri Lanka. None of the European/US brands (Monroe etc) make shocks for the JDM cars. However, in my experience the aftermarket (non-TL) KYB shocks for Axio/Allion etc tend to sit a little higher than the official OEM shocks and also give a stiffer ride - particularly in the front. Does anyone have experience in replacing these with 'used' (called reconditioned, although there is no such conditioning) OEM shocks? If so, what is the expected mileage for a fairly ok set of shocks? Any other thoughts/ options you have tried? Your thoughts are much appreciated.
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