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  1. Also I saw few part dealers on quick site advertising demio parts . Check with them as well.
  2. I wanted the same items and got them from Amayama.
  3. It is easy to find a fairly priced Allion or a Premio than a sorento or sportage :D.
  4. Yep . Not selling under open papers part does the trick !!
  5. 1. First get the list of parts that is expensive from your friend. 2. Then compare the same part prices for the model you are willing to buy . Call up few parts shops and the agent. 3. You will find the reality. Sometimes you will be surprised that non JDM has cheaper genuine parts. :D
  6. Thanks @iRage. Local guys have been experiencing rough idle after start up and abnormal engine noise . Also been told injectors cannot be cleaned and has to be replaced. [May be they do not know how to clean them ? or been damaged beyond repair ?]. Do you think this can be avoided if we let the vehicle warm up before driving since it's hard to avoid traffic in Colombo ?
  7. I have seen quite a few posts on local groups about injector failures in CHR , anybody know what's going on? Apparently there are few people offering injectors on those forums as well.
  8. I am also looking for a Sorento or a Sportage and prices are eye watering these days . Feels like Allion/ Premio prices are better :D. Even the petrol ones have appreciated a lot.
  9. Due to a sudden financial requirement I had to delay my decision . However started looking at sportages once again and prices have been fairly depreciated to 3.8M for petrol ones and diesels seems to hover around 4.5M to 5M. Can anybody please tell me does Sportage petrol ones needs octane 95 or octane 92 ?
  10. Thanks a lot for your input guys . Did not know 20hz frequency thingy . I assume petrol variants do not require 95 octane although diesels require super diesel.
  11. Hey Guys , I am planning to sell my hatchback and move on to a crossover . Maximum I can afford is around 5.5 million. So currently considering KIA Sorento and Sportage as my options. I'll be using the vehicle daily and would run maximum about 500 km per month . Also would be using for the occasional outstation trip. 1. I would like to go for a petrol vehicle with AWD but everyone keeps recommending me the diesels sighting reliability and fuel consumption. Is there a truth to these claims , are the diesel engines more reliable than the petrols engines on sorento and spo
  12. Hey Davy , Thanks for the information . Luckily I haven't touched my steering components yet. Car is a 2008 one with 100k on the ODO. Will be vigilant about this issue.
  13. Hey Davy , Don't you think replacing bushing is normal for any car , as most of the bushes available here are Thailand bushes. I replaced mine at 68k and currently at little over 100k so far not encountered any issues. That's why I do think think this is not a Demio related issue. Of course I am comparing with my precious car which is a Honda ES series which needed whole rack replaced twice.
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