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  1. Ok thanks. I will check with my mechanic in the same way.
  2. THanks @Davy. This problem is coming when engine is too hot. I will get check my mortor.
  3. Thanks @Insedious . Is your problem resolved After repairing the starter motor ?
  4. facing the same issue. Only "click click " when i am trying to start. reason could be the starter motor. Before that i need to check starter relay on my FB15. anyone know the location ?
  5. HI When i am trying to start my car it just not start. There is only a clicking sound. I check battery / terminals and all working fine. I suspect that my starter relay is bad. But i cant locate that in all three relay / fuse boxes which is in the engine bay and near to driving compartment. can some one please help. Thanks in advance
  6. Yeah I know. Thanks for the input @trinity . I would love to go for the Lancer CS . But my tight budget is holding me.
  7. @trinity I am comparing with Suzuki Swift 2004 Jeep model. Actually i am in two minds whether I should go for the lancer or swift.
  8. HI @trinity I am new to the forum. I am planning to go for properly maintain CS1 / CS3 car which is price around 2.5milion. My question is these repair prices are still the same ? Looks like it costs more than a car in same range for the maintenance . Please share your valuable inputs according to the current market. Thanks!! BR Methmal
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